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Hey everybody, I’m about to upgrade the software that runs this blog. So, if you are experiencing technical weirdness with the site, that’s why, so sit tight for a minute while I work it out. Among other things, this upgrade holds the promise of fixing the problems with the comment RSS feed, which should be of great interest to the three of you who use it.

By the way, while I’ve got your attention here, Ces Marciuliano of Sally Forth and Medium Large fame has a new blog, Francesco Explains It All. Check it out!

Update: Hmm, upgrading seems to have screwed comments up. Working on it!

Update to the update: OK, you can comment again, but the “See it before you say it” functionality doesn’t seem to play nice with the new upgrade, so that’s turned off for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience … I’ll try to figure that out in the next little bit.

Meanwhile, another link to entertain you: if you like Slylock Fox and/or the popular Web comic PvP, you’ll probably like this.

The updates, they continue: “See it before you say it” has been restored, though it’s now more prosiacially named “preview” and “post.” The way it works it a little different now — now when you preview, you’ll see your comment in the context of the list, though its background color and a header will indicate that it’s a preview. Try it, you’ll like it! And if it comes out screwy, let me know in the comments.