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OK, boys and girls, your blogger had a lot of real work to do today and wasn’t even able to read the comics, much less blog about them. Expect Tuesday and Wednesday comics tomorrow morning. But! To tide you over, I have a big exciting announcement! Well, exciting if you live in Tucson, anyway.

Do you live in or near Tucson? At the beginning of March, I’ll be taking one of my many vacations (start whining about it now) in the greater Sonoran desert region, and I’d like to plan to meet up with y’all! And there will be a special guest: MR. BOB WEBER, JR.! March 7! Early evening! The Kon-Tiki at the corner of E. Broadway and N. Swan! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!

Everyone who doesn’t live near Tucson: Um, comics tomorrow, I guess. G’Night!