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Greetings, readers! You may be waiting for this week’s comments of the week. Well, here’s #1!

“A plugger knows they’re pregnant when a baby falls out of their hoo-hoo.” –Perky Bird

And the runners up! Very amusing!

“Look at Drew’s face! The last time I saw an expression like that was in the mirror the night before my colonoscopy.” –Poteet

“Frankly, I love Dad’s expression in Marvin. It says, ‘I’d respond, but it’s all I can do to hold up this coffee cup. I’d kill myself, but that sounds like work.'” –Bunnë, Official Comic Execrator

“It was only a matter of time before the bestiality started [in Momma]. I only hope this means they’ve run out of incest jokes.” –Gold-Digging Nanny

“The new [Gil Thorp] artist knows even less about sports than the old one, evidently. The girls are playing with what looks like a medicine ball, both teams are in home uniforms, and the jerseys have no numbers whatsoever. Must make calling fouls a real crapshoot. ‘You, gobsmacked-looking blond girl. Intentional awkwardness!'” –GotFuzzy

“I also like the way Steve’s mom in Judge Parker just cuts to the chase and asks if it could be a bomb. I guess when you’re old and dying of cancer, you have no time to wait through a typically glacial JP plot development.” –Harold, Christian Single of the Jungle Patrol

Today’s Gil Thorp is much like a bizzare, drunken first date in that I have no idea what happened or why, and it finished in the bedroom.” –Hasty Penguin

“The great thing about having ‘Laffs’ in your book’s title is that you are legally exempt from having to provide any actual laughs.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“‘Lost dog’ is just plugger code for runaway sex slave. Everyone knows that.” –alamo

“A team of spelunkers went in in an attempt to diagram Mary’s sentence — never to return.” –Pozzo

“I, too, am happy that Funky the character will now be shown as being an evil industrialist. We need to get some enjoyment out of this strip, and at this stage I’m willing to settle for rooting for the cancer.” –Mac

“After Alan does drugs with his friend ‘Jones,’ he’s going drinking with his buddies ‘Miller’ and ‘Busch.’ Then he’s going to meet up with a prostitute named ‘Gonorrhea Hooker.'” –Allie Cat

“Damn, now Foob owns even more of my brain cells. Luckily, I can kill them by drinking.” –Les

“I love how the guys in the plane automatically assume that Mark isn’t just assaulting these two people. Obviously Brice is the one with facial hair, so he must deserve whatever ass-kicking he’s getting from Mark Trail.” –Lindsey ^_^

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