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Hey kids, do you know what time it is? It’s COTW TIME!

“Ah, Margo, that’s how I love you. Rapacious, egotistical, and safe on the comics page where you won’t have any access to my emotions or my checking account.” –Donald The Anarchist

And, of course, it’s also COTW RUNNERS-UP TIME!

“I must admire the way the gesture of the man behind the podium in panel 3 echoes the gesture of the fellow talking to Gil. It looks like a church fresco, with the saint in the foreground pointing toward Christ, who points calmly toward himself. ‘Check out the tie, Gil,’ he seems to say. ‘How it should be done, indeed.’” –Mollie

“Yay, unfocused hostility! Next I look forward to a demonstration with signs that say ‘Down With Death!’ and ‘We Demand Life Eternal!'” –Poteet

“You can’t spell ‘explOitinG bRAin daMage’ without M-A-R-G-O.” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“I’m glad to see that A3G alerts us to the fact that ‘Margo speaks,’ for comics readers not yet familiar with the speech bubble paradigm.” –Nekrotzar

Oh, Rex. You don’t even wanna know where I have staph growing!” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“Ah, eavesdropping on an argument — the old biddy’s meddling equivalent of a doctor scrubbing in for surgery. Alas, Donna and sons, you cannot simply count backward from 100 and wake up when it’s all over. Mary’s meddling is more like surgery during the Civil War: you will be awake and screaming in agony the whole time.” –Whippersnapper

“I don’t know what kind of actress Mary Jane is, but I’m really impressed by the expressiveness of her bangs: When she’s concerned, they curl into question marks. When she’s appalled, they stand bone-straight in exclamation. It seems a shame that such talent should be delegated to the DVD rack. Meanwhile, Peter’s lone spitcurl hangs ever thus, flaccid and useless.” –RaJ

“[Gabriella] knows from experience what comes next: that Lu Ann is about to get the beating of a lifetime as Margo freaks out completely. ‘I told you! Never touch me! Never! Never! Never! Touch! Me!’ Probably Gabriella’s afraid of becoming collateral damage.” –mcmc

“I guess if Dagwood is in such a state of serfdom or slavery that his boss is entitled to search for him in the bath in his home, then he doesn’t have many secrets from his boss regarding any aspect of his life. In short, the junk is nothing the boss hasn’t seen before.” –Les of the Jungle Patrol

“I hate the throwaway panels in Marvin. They never contribute anything, but simply give us more Marvin, which no one anywhere has ever wanted.” –Corkey

“Slylock has been watching way too much Battlestar Galactica. Futuristic robot technology? Count Weirdly has yet to comprehend the secret of pants.” –Master Mahan

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