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Do you like comments? Do you want to hear this week’s top offerings? Then this post is for you, my friend. Here’s #1:

“If I had to pick a job best suited for chronic masturbators, ‘worldwide-sporting-event-organizing travel agent’ probably wouldn’t even make the top ten. But hey, if that’s his fantasy, he should go ahead and grab it with both hands. Or one hand. Or whatever. I don’t need to know the details, dude.” –Trilobite

And the runners-up:

“RE: Earth Day strips. The only recycling these strips inspire in me is recycling a bit of my dinner up into my mouth.” –Hank

“Parents who practice to Friedmanian monetarist notions of macroeconomics have children who practice Friedmanian monetarist notions of macroeconomics.” –Lolsworth

“Wait, is Mark supposed to be in a seedy motel room? Double wait, what the hell did that call interrupt?” –skullcrusherjones

“Sturdevant has the hots for Ada because she has no chin, which is the only kind of girl he’s physically able to kiss.” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“I’ll say one thing for Mary Worth — in the months since I started reading it, it hasn’t attempted to educate me about anything except meddling.” –Poteet

“The sheer delight on Lu Ann’s face will vanish as soon as she discovers that he is not going to pull a quarter from behind her ear.” –Gabacho

“HOLY CRAP there is a male in A3G who I can tell apart from all the other males in A3G, what is this madness.” –terrene

“I like how we never see the rack on which Abbey is putting away the plates. Because another rack would just be redundant.” –RaJ

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