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Before I stumble off to bed, you deserve your COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“In Sally Forth, Ted is making a gesture in panel three that one almost never makes except when wearing pearls. With a manicure. And decolletage.” –Dingo

And your runners-up!

On why Alan should share his drugs with Lu Ann: “It would mean these two will have something in common, other than being blond, talentless, and stupid.” –Bobdog

“Hilary Hahn : 9 Chickweed Lane :: Jonas Brothers : Heart of the City” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“It’s cute that Mark calls it ‘our’ plan. Maybe he genuinely believes that Andy has played a crucial role in the construction of his insane plot. Of course, if things go bad, I’m sure it’ll quickly become ‘Andy’s plan.'” –Eric the Grate

“You might think that an ex-Navy SEAL or a crazed suicide-bombing terrorist would have the edge in this kind of standoff, but you’d be wrong: both are like helpless infants in comparison to the indomitable fury of a cute legal secretary who desperately wants to get laid. And that is the kind of Middle East policy I think we could all get behind.” –Trilobite

“All of this leads me to wonder whether this is just some extra-kinky dominatrix fantasy of Steve’s that just got a little out of hand. Or, given that he’s now got his bound mother witnessing Gloria and Samira in a no-holds-barred cat fight, maybe it’s going just as he planned.” –Cheese-n-Pear

“Poor Alan … he’s so naive about drug culture. Somebody tell him that’s not what ‘scoring a key’ means.” –Mumblix Grumph

“Really, the lame setup and confusing art are all just a prop upon which to rest the punchline: Cow shit! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get it? I hate life.” –bartcow

“Mark Trail is kinda hot, but I’m not even going there. ZZZZZ. I’d like to say that Andy the dog would be more fun, and not in a bestiality kinda way. I mean that going on a WALK with Andy would probably be more fun than even the wildest time in the sack with Master Trail.” –SFMarcus

“I just knew somehow while reading the latest [FBOFW] storyline that it would all end in tears — mine.” –ralph

“Y’know, it kind of makes sense that the most colorful room I’ve ever seen in Mary Worth is in a funeral home.” –Corkey

And sometimes it’s totally empty. On days like that, I just pull shit out of my ass. In fact that’s how I wrote that book! It’s easier to write a book than you think, especially when you don’t care about plot, character development, or anything like that.” –Canuckguy

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