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Your COTW coming momentarily, but first I have a very important notice from faithful reader Eloriane!

I don’t know how close you are to Ohio, but in case some nearby Curmudgeons were interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I wanted to let you know that according to this site, Tom Wilson, the creator of Ziggy, will be doing book signings at the following times and locations!

  • 3/5/09 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble — Montgomery Road. Cincinnati, OH.
  • 3/6/09 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble — Olentangy River Road. Columbus, OH.
  • 3/21/09 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble — Chagrin Blvd. Woodmere, OH.
  • 3/25/09 7:00 PM at Borders Books — East Liberty Street. Ann Arbor, MI.

How could you resist?

I will be very impressed if anyone of you go to one of these events and ask hard-hitting questions like “So why doesn’t Ziggy wear pants?” or “No, but seriously, they’re still publishing Ziggy books?

And, um, I think that’s it, but I have a nagging notion that I promised to announce or feature something for someone in a COTW post and have failed to do so. If you are that person, feel free to e-mail me.

And now, without further ado … your comment of the week!

“Why yes, starting my morning with a glimpse at the biggest frown Tommie is capable of was great. Thank you for asking.” –Gnoll

And your runners-up! Very funny!

“Nothing deflates a guy like Gary like the arrival of Margo. You can actually hear the ‘sigh’ of the air escaping from his erection.” –buckyswife

Re: Darrin’s return in FW: “Hey, folks! I was a teenager last time you saw me, now I’m twenty-seven with a receding hairline! Isn’t life in the Winkerverse great?” –commodorejohn

“If I were Gary I would gently suggest the possibility of a relaxing menage à trois instead of dinner, to relieve the building sexual tension. But I am not Gary. Instead, apparently, I am a very, very, very sick person.” –un malpaso

“Margo already knows what’s for dinner: the rich, delicious sadness she inflicts in those around her. She’s just rubbing it in for extra flavor.” –Rhekarid

Judge Parker Editor: ADD A HOT CHICK IN A BLACK DRESS TO PANEL 3! Wilson and/or Barreto: Umm, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s strip. I/We think we should just have Sam and the new Judge Parker again. Editor: I DON’T PAY YOU TO THINK, I PAY YOU TO SHOW HOT WOMEN REACTING TO WHAT MEN SAY AND DO!!!” –rhymes with puck

“‘Goodbye, romance!’ ’Cause when Margo cockblocks you, you stay cockblocked … forever!” –Donald the Anarchist

“Maybe Confey’s proposition is going to be a sporting wager among gentlemen to see which of them can reach Vietnam by hot-air balloon within 80 days. Either that, or he offers to buy Jeff’s daughter Adrian for a couple of hundred bucks, and then makes the check out to ‘Vietnam.'” –Trilobite

“In Funky Cancerincest, I believe the ‘*’ stands for ‘sucks’, the ‘@’ for ‘moose’, and the ‘#’ for ‘cock’. The ‘s’ at the end makes it plural.” –Harold

“Ha ha, Cathy is going to spend a week pooping out acai berries! Sadly, that thought may represent the funniest thing ever to be prompted by Cathy.” –Gallowglass

“‘I know most women prefer white, but you, my love, are not most women!’ So instead I am sending you a bridal gown in red and gold, as is more nearly appropriate for the Whore of Babylon, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth, as she rides astride the seven-headed beast with ten horns. Enjoy!” –seismic-2

“Bil looks positively gleeful with anticipation. ‘Oh, I’m gonna hear some malapropisms today!’ ‘What’s that on your pants Daddy?’ ‘Malapropjism!'” –Donald the Anarchist

“It’s true: Margo is NOT most women. Nor is she mostly woman. She’s about 30% woman (skin, eyelashes, femur), 30% titanium alloy (organs, musculature, other femur), 25% fiber-optic wiring (nervous system, scalp), and the remaining 15% is all Amduscas, (a Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-nine legions of devils), baby.” –Lettuce

“I really identify with Junior. That’s the exact face I make every time Marvin talks.” –150

“While this will probably be the most boring couch-orgy ever, it will also probably be the longest; no one will even take off a tie until sometime in June.” –Tlachtga

“Please, if you could count the time you spent online with someone as ‘dating,’ I’d be engaged to Salma Hayek by now.” –BigTed

“Dr. Jeff isn’t punching himself in the face; he’s trying to will a handgun into existence to blow his brains out.” –Judas Peckerwood

“Proper response to the question ‘Is this that guitar game?’ when holding stoopid plastic guitars in front of the TV: ‘No it’s that banging your old lady game and these are our giant plastic penises’.” –Hopscotch Willie

“Listening to the ranger and Mark Trail today, I can’t help but think the two of them should be wearing snuggies and stroking cats while they have this conversation. Perhaps tea would be nice. One of them should mention Patty’s drinking problem and then the other can segue to persons heretofore unmentioned. They’re my Aunt Judy and neighbor Bonnie with male genitalia. Well, at least the ranger.” –Dingo

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