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Hey, everybody, I had to upgrade the old forum site to a new version of the software, which involved a semi-tricky upgrade and a new URL. Fortunately, I was able to move all the old discussions and users over to the new site, which you can find here. (Going to the old URL will just redirect you to this one, now.) You’ll need to re-log-in again, but your current username and password should still work.

One feature that has not been enabled on the new forums site is personal messaging. This has less to do with the forum software than my server; I had to turn off the automatic mail server (which is what the forum software uses to send out personal messages) because it was just getting overwhelmed by spam.

I’ve changed the settings on this new site so that people can now sign themselves up for user accounts without waiting for my approval. So, if you’ve been waiting for me to sign you up, just click on that link above and do it yourself! I think I’ve figured out a way to do this without attracting spammers, but I do ask for forum users to be extra vigilant about people posting nasty spam messages! Please email me ASAP at bio at jfruh dot com if you spot any.

UPDATE: Yeah, so that open registration thing didn’t really work out. Email me at bio at jfruh dot com if you want to register for a new account. As noted, if you had an account on the old forum, it should still work. Sorry to tease!

Also, in unrelated news, that article I wrote about terrible pet projects is now up! Thanks to several faithful readers for supplying funny anecdotes.