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Comments of the week momentarily, but first, my friends, a very special announcement. Do you have an Amazon-branded Kindle device, that you carry about with you in your satchel or backpack? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I’d like to read my very favorite blog in the whole wide world, the Comics Curmudgeon, on my Kindle?” Well, now you can, my friends! For $1.99 a month, you can subscribe to my blog, Kindle-style! Here’s the Amazon page for the blog; click on “Subscribe now with 1-click” and your favorite comics-mocking madness will be beamed to to your Kindle. I don’t actually have one of these magic devices, but there’s a preview function on Amazon’s publisher site that seems to indicate the the graphics come out sort of stipple-arty but readable; you get a 14-day free trial to decide whether you want to read the blog this way, and whether it’s worth $1.99 a month to you. I am very interested in feedback on this, so please let me know at bio at jfruh dot com! (Please note that the Kindle app for the iPhone/iPod Touch doesn’t work with blog subscriptions; you need one of the actual Kindle handhelds.)

Also! A last-minute reminder that, if you are in or near Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood, why not stop by Center Stage tonight (Monday) and see if you can score some tickets to my latest public appearance?

And now, without further ado, your COMMENTS OF THE WEEK!

“I can’t believe Gary asked Tommie to marry him. Does he think they don’t have girls in Denver?” –Violet

And your runners up! Very funny!

“I love how even Tommie thinks that giving up a career for her is fairly pathetic.” –Citric

“Egads, I had a little checked suit coat like that, with matching short pants, when I was 5 … in the 1960s. Of course, Hank Ketcham is dead so probably is not up on the latest fashions of the 21st century. Maybe that’s what’s so menacing about the strip: zombies lecturing us on public mores from beyond the grave.” –Crankenstank

“For a comic that regularly features jokes about urine and feces, does Marvin REALLY want to make fun of people who are easily amused?” –Hoboclown

“I first read today’s Mary Worth without reading the balloons and I liked it a lot. It’s all silly grins and gang signs.” –digamma

“I know many of you are concerned for little Eugene’s welfare, but I think it must be pointed out that the toaster in Marvin is not actually plugged in. Note the absence of any cord as the entire toaster becomes airborne in the last panel. Instead of running on electricity it appears to be powered by stupidity.” –Flying Ace

“Some might say, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop drawing mirrors in Mary Worth’s restaurants, since they’re not going to draw any real reflections?’ I say to you, wouldn’t it be just as easy to step outside and realize family bloodlines no longer need to be preserved by marrying half-siblings and first cousins?” –Black Drazon

“If anyone ever needed an argument against heterosexuality, today there are three.” –Clint

“Good lord, could movement lines BE any more obnoxious than in Mary Worth today? What kind of aggressive snatching must have produced that comet tail, the bill still quivering from the shock of it? Even if/when it’s ‘nice to be taken care of for a change’ it’s unsettling to have it done with all the suavity of a Gestapo confiscation.” –Sister Sestina

“Sarge is taking the phrase ‘love that dare not speak its name’ a bit too literally.” –Anonymous

Adrian … you’d better get used to it! With my new powers of telekinesis, you’re going to have to get used to a lot of things.” –Rhekarid

“Detective Scott can afford to pick up the check because he has already negotiated a handsome dowry from Dr. Jeff.” –FE

And I wanted to see how you are with children. Because I’m eleven.” –I am Jack’s username

“I never pegged Lincoln for a truck-robber. Honest Abe my ass.” –Lord-z

“What? That’s crazy! You can’t really live in New York!! You’re not attractive or interesting!” –Rizbon

“Tommie’s hair needs to graduate from 1972 before she’s ready to marry.” –Crankenstank

“Of course Margo’s horrified; she doesn’t want anyone to find out her secret weakness (love). Of course, in this case, her fears are entirely unjustified as Tommie isn’t capable of feeling anything more passionate than mild ennui or confusion. The only life-form more boring than Tommie, Gary, merely proposed to her in hopes that she’s of the same species.” –Alan’s Addiction

“That’s right, practice those come-ons! Someday, a girl will walk into your shop, eager to hear long-winded factoids with zero relevance and you’ll be ready!” –Donald the Anarchist

“I love that Margo asks about the roses and doesn’t get an answer until ‘later that evening.’ I like to imagine Tommie in the kitchen, wide-eyed, completely focused on whatever the hell she’s doing in there. ‘Must cook dinner. Must cook. Faster! Faster! Must cook faster to avoid the beatings! Oh, the beatings! Faster! Better! Just the way she likes it!’ Then a few hours later, as soon as she’s finished and able to think for herself for a few seconds, she realizes she was asked a question by none other than Mistress Margo herself, panics, and just blurts out the answer in a panic, hoping it’s not too late. ‘GARY BROUGHT ME THE ROSES!’ But of course, it is. Gary’s proposal is the least of her worries now.” –Roto13

“It’s hilarious to watch Margo forced to do her fancy head-spinning moves as Tommie keeps circling, circling to keep Margo from being able to draw a bead on her. Sitck and move, Tommie, stick and move, attagirl.” –Talking Squirrel

“Looks like Max Mouse has finally given up this charade and is trying to eat his oppressor.” –Cami

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