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Very long-term readers will remember that, only a few weeks before my 2005 wedding, I had to upgrade the software that runs my site to stop up a security hole, which for boring technical reasons meant I also had to redesign the site, which resulted in a design with tiny print and endless white space that hurt everybody’s eyes. Then not long after I got back from my honeymoon, I found a freely available design template, hacked it inexpertly to make it work for me, threw it up on the site, and pretty much haven’t thought about it since.

But! I have at last decided to invest a little back into this thing that I spend so much time looking at, and will pay someone actually money to redesign it! Could that someone be you? Maybe, if you’re a professional Web designer, and know about WordPress and stuff! Check out the request for proposals and let me know if you think you’d be a good fit.

One thing you’ll note in that RFP is that I’m thinking (just thinking, mind you) of changing the comments so that they’re threaded — in other words, so that each comment has a “reply” button, and pressing it will result in your comment showing up indented immediately under the previous comment, rather than at the end of the list. I’m very interested to hear from frequent commentors on whether you think this would make it easier/more fun to have conversations, or whether it would disrupt the flow of things.

And I’m very interested in hearing from anyone — frequent commentors, occasional commentors, and lurkers alike — on what they’d like to see in the redesign, though do check out that RFP first to make sure it isn’t something I’ve already decided to do, and keep in mind that I’ll just be tweaking the design of the site, not its content. I can’t promise to implement everybody’s ideas, but I do want to hear them. Sound off in the comments or email me, whichever you prefer.