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Many of the What Would Margo Do? bracelets are at long last arriving on the wrists of their intended! I thought I’d provide some fun pics sent in by readers like you!

Here’s faithful reader Nathan:

Faithful reader Alkibiades:

Faithful reader Dub Not Dubya (with bonus Finger-Quotin’ Margo Mug!)

Here’s a pic from a faithful reader of “my exceedingly bitchy rabbit, Penny, wearing her new ‘What Would Margo Do’ bracelet. Just like Margo, Penny bites, growls and charges with the slightest provocation. My 2-year-old son, my cat, and I are terrified of them both.”

Here’s one from faithful reader Red Greenback:

And one from faithful reader Jumble Jeff (yes, that Jumble Jeff) channeling his inner Margo to … hey, wait a minute…

Faithful reader buckyswife believes that Margo would be reaching for the booze right about now:

Faithful reader mollificient is stone-cold harpin’:

And, finally, this mysterious but evocative composition comes from faithful reader Baka Gaijin:

We’ve got plenty of these left over, so anyone choosing to put anything in the tip jar between now and, oh, let’s say Friday will get one! Once again, an ENORMOUS thank you to all who contributed, and you’ll be getting your WWMD bracelets (if you haven’t already) and thank-yous soon!

Also, Uncle Lumpy refuses to sit in judgment over your comment wit, so I was going to let Violet’s comment rule the roost for another week, but I started collecting candidates Sunday night and came up with a decent list, so, well, here’ your comment of the last few days!

“‘How come Hootin’ Holler never makes that list, Uncle Snuffy?’ ‘Because Hootin’ Holler is a foul gangrenous pit of futile nothingness. Also, the sisterfucking.’ ‘Haw haw haw! Oh, wait.'” –TruthOfAngels

And the funny runners up!

“Kudos to the officer riding shotgun for thinking ahead enough to bring both his retro-style cellphone AND dainty sweat-mopping handkerchief.” –Paddy

“Ah, the oath. For generations the citizens of Hootin’ Holler on their 16th birthday swear the dire oath to kill and eat any stranger entering their lands. This oath also explains why everyone has the same nose, no one appears to have a chin and the odds are pretty good that the coonskin cap isn’t the only thing on Jughead with a tail.” –zerowolf

“Seeing as he’s talking like a ’30s gangster, why not have Clowny-Clownpants talk out of the side of his mouth? Watch out, side-talker, Dick’s gonna squint at you some more!” –MolyBendum


“Pluggers have thick verdant lawns because pluggers suspect that indoor plumbing is a form of witchcraft.” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“Attention Mark Trail writers: you need to work on giving your stories more complexity if you can condense the last two weeks into a sentence-long recap bubble.” –Alan’s Addiction

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