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Your COTW coming in a moment, but first a public service announcement. It has probably been a while since I pointed you in the direction of this site’s posting and discussion policies! They are worth a read but one violation that I have noted a slight uptick in lately is people doing the thing where they see that nobody has commented on a post and they post “First post!” or something along those lines. This is annoying to me and other people and if I see such a post I will erase it from the page of time. You don’t want to annoy me, do you? Do you? I didn’t think so. So please refrain, won’t you?

Anyhoo, here is your COMMENT OF THE WEEK:

Skating? Blow my own horn? Greg Louganis? Is Curtis coming out or is Tobias Fünke writing his dialogue?” –skullcrusherjones

And your runners-up! Also funny!

“Wow, Greg Louganis is a bit of a dated reference, isn’t it. Maybe Curtis banged his head on a concrete platform and blacked out for 20 years.” –Will

“Why does Spider-Man need to know the spelling of Sabretooth, anyway? Is he compiling his Christmas card list?” –Patrick

“Who’s the black Greg Louganis that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? CURTIS! You’re DAMN right!” –Ned Ryerson

“The next step in Steve’s master plan: ‘…and speaking of things that are big and salty…'” –Pozzo

“That’s actually Spidey’s fashion sense going off. It goes off A LOT.” –Roger

“School janitors make good money but coaches make more. Gil has a room 24/7 at the Milford Inn stocked with booze and Jonas Brothers CDs.” –mr 12 oz can

“So Kurt thinks that coming to Charterstone is going to assuage his uneasiness? Good luck with that, kid. No wonder Wilbur is trying to change the subject by introducing the most distracting question he can think of — ‘Do my numerous ongoing fantasies about what it would be like to have my ex-lover as my mother bear any relation to the actual reality?'” –Violet

“It seems to me that what Spidey’s been calling his ‘spider sense’ all this time is actually what the rest of us call ‘anxiety attacks.'” –JP (not Judge Parker)

“Meanwhile, Kurt’s stubble continues to grow, further alienating him from his waxy padre.” –perchingpath

Funky’s hand-waving makes sense if you knew that Mopey Pete’s been eating burritos since the beginning of the year. But before he could disperse the fumes, Pete’s karma done peeled the vinyl off the stools.” –Lou Shumaker

“‘Kickin’ it with a burrito at the Toxic Taco’ is obviously a code word for male prostitution, the only career open for a failed comic writer.” –G. Bob

“Say what you will about capitalism, but this is definitely one of its perks. Money speaks louder than concern about whether or not people only appreciate your work ironically.” –Anonymous

“Hmmm, based on Kurt’s eyebrows, I am not sure he is a natural blonde. There is one way to find out, but since Kurt lost everything below the waist on the way to the docks I guess we’ll never know.” –Thomas B.

“I can’t say I understand what’s going on in Dick Tracy but the narrative is clear enough. In the 1/14 strip, for example, the Cambastani Embassy is about to hire an ‘American rock music’ band that has been together for almost two whole days because he wants ‘everything at its finest’. This booking will be based on a CD recorded, mastered, and produced yesterday and dropped off this morning at a talent agency named ‘Brozebra,’ presumably for DT artist Jim Brozman and the Zebra from Pearls Before Swine. So do I understand it? No, but that’s what’s happening.” –Ed Dravecky

MT: “Good afternoon our special, gentlemen, is FORESHADOWING with a light ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SUBTLE sauce. Would you care to try that with a bottle of Chateau d’Awkward Direct Address?” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“Oh no! Wilbur has run afoul of the Triplets, a sinister trio of identical clones who pose as rich snobs but are indeed savage killing machines with horrible taste in clothing.” –Taquelli

“Wait, which Mary Worth character does blue-blazer rich kid look like? Oh, right, all of them.” –Evan

“The reason Grandma has that box out is that she’s sorting the pictures to decide which ones to burn for warmth.” –Kibo

“Ruby’s ribbons seem to be getting larger of late. Is she just snatching whatever pieces of fabric she can find and weaving them into her hair? Does this have something to do with Lyle? We need a Mark Trail Sunday special on her mating rituals.” –commodorejohn

“Is it possible that instead of having a relationship with a single woman, Wilbur was actually frequenting an Easter bonnet-themed brothel?” –Andy L

“I’ll tell you the worst that can happen: a Tommie-centric storyline! I’d muster up a scream but my terror is already bored.” –Rhekarid

“I like the way Mommy Keane happens to be standing next to the front door when Jeffy comes barreling in. One leg coyly askance. She’s carrying her … folded linens from the … hutch over to the … okay, I don’t know what she’s doing.” –Dentuck

“June’s always had a science-fiction-y look to her. She reminds me of the evil Kryptonian lady from Superman 2, possibly crossed with Jayna from The Wonder Twins. As panel 3 clearly demonstrates, her waistline could not possibly be achieved by an Earthling, and she doesn’t seem to understand our concept of what ‘breaking the fourth wall’ means, as evidenced by her attempt in panel 2 to push her face directly through the invisible screen which separates her from us.” –Joe Blevins

“I love June’s expression of horror in the last panel. ‘Just a moment, honey! Mommy needs to peel her face off and put on a new one!'” -Carly

Wilbur and Kurt continue fishing, but only in the very loosest sense of the word, to the point that neither of them is even keeping up the charade in Panel 2. Wait, should a narration box acknowledge the existence of panels? Or itself? ERROR! ERROR! Bzzt!” –Steve S

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