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When Josh Fruhlinger started this blog in 2004, it looked something like this, featured a single comic in each post, drew the attention of a few friends and family, and sometimes went dark for weeks at a time. Today’s Comics Curmudgeon offers better graphics, coverage, and performance, so that readers can stop by every day for a quick chuckle, keep up with characters they’ve followed since childhood, and occasionally discover something new.

Blogging doesn’t cost much, but takes a huge investment of time — and for a freelance writer and editor like Josh, that’s money out of pocket. Twice a year, I try to put some of it back in by encouraging readers like you to join me in financial support of the Comics Curmudgeon. Our contributions help give Josh an economic justification to keep blogging, and a well-appreciated vote of confidence in his fine work.

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— Uncle Lumpy

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