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Your COTW coming momentarily, but first: I have been utterly remiss in not linking to faithful reader yellojkt’s annual March Madness-themed comics smackdown! The theme this year is the “National Crappy Comics Copy Cats”, and voting is still open for Calvin Clones, Faux Far Sides, and Doonesbury Dopplegangers. Vote early, vote often!

Also: a plea to elitist iPad users! Are you reading this site on an elitist iPad? 29 of you were yesterday, according to Google Analytics! Anyway, I’d love to hear your impressions on what the site looked like and how it worked on this awesome and terrible new device, so please shoot me an email at, with screenshots, if you can!

And now: your comment of the week!

“‘If you ever need a sympathetic ear’ Mary says, mocking a woman who clearly has no ears, sympathetic or otherwise.” –bunivasal

And the runners up! Very funny!

“Abbey: ‘That’s right. Jules will be sleeping where he’s least likely to have sex with anyone: next to Sam. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an escort to hire.'” –Black Drazon

“I’m intrigued to learn that Sam is a hipster doofus, who may blog about vintage WASP clothing.” –Rusty

“That is the saddest seder ever. And which one of the plagues is ‘Mary Meddles Your Ass’?” –Gabacho

“Because Luann just wouldn’t be Luann without periodic public discussion of teenage girls’ underwear.” –commodorejohn

“What with the problematic real estate market and all, Lois has had to make ends meet by doing a smear job on librarians. Later, in some back alley, an operative from will give her a wad of unmarked bills.” –Jym

“Mary clutches the steaming baking dish in front of her as she talks, as if to entice them to divulge their personal business to her with the promise of its gooey, tan-hued blandness. ‘Just think,’ she whispers, holding it tantalizingly close, and yet just out of their reach, ‘This reconstituted potato-based food substance could be yours … if you tell me everything.'” –Gap-Toothed Starey “HOOOO” Guy

“Dear Rex Morgan Production Team: Sometimes your artwork is a little awkward, but dang how do you manage to peg us SK8RBOYZ so accurately? ’Cause I know there’s nothing I’d rather do than travel from place to place doing pointless manual labour for The Man so’s I can pay back loans from my chick and enjoy a precious Sunday afternoon with my homies stylin’ down the staircase railings over at the Art Museum. It’s like you are inside my mind! Yours truly, Youth With Unbelievable Nickname.” –Mooncattie

“Mary is pointing towards the calendar in order to show Bonnie that, if you wait long enough, all trends come back into style. Specifically, the trend of hot-pink geometrically-patterned curtains next to walls that are painted matte black.” –Patrick

“I think Bobbie is going to shoot Margo, and we’ll have a long-drawn out deathbed scene with rib-tickling histrionics from all the principals until Margo drinks someone’s blood — maybe Tommie’s, since she is probably a virgin — and revives.” –The Divine O’F

“Y’know, putting a shirt or vest on your fursuit just emphasizes its pantslessness.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“I’m hoping that someone in A3G gets shot so we can have another round of everyone being surprised that Tommie is working in a hospital.” –Andy L

“Notice how Mark is trying to throw off the Parker Brothers by pointing to the tree: ‘No, leave me, it’s the tree you want!'” –Digger

“Say what you will about this Manley, but that last panel guy’s face takes up an area about 0.75 cm square on my monitor, yet spells out ‘Nice Ass!’ as clearly as if it were the title page of a Reader’s Digest Special Plugger-Friendly Large Print edition (of a book titled Nice Ass!, presumably, which seems a little unlikely now that I think about it, but I’ll let it go).” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“‘And what purpose will that serve? You think such I can be felled by your puny bullets? Haha…ahah…AHAHAHAHAHA.’ Silly Roberta, everyone knows that Margo can only be defeated by the poisonous nectar of human kindness.” –DialMforMerger

“Someone really ought to paint panel 1 of Bobbie and Margo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. They can just paint over whatever’s there now.” –monsieurjohn

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