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No fuss, no muss this week: just your comment of the week.

“I know we all get to that point with Pluggers where we think, ‘These man-beasts are based on real people, which is so sad it’s almost unbearable.’ I just wanted to let everyone know, I got there today. And when I did, I had myself a little giggle at the ‘bear’ pun I made in my head. Unbearable … haha. Then I got sadded out again.” –Maggie

And your runners up as well! Very funny!

“[Crankshaft says something.] [Somebody asks him a question about it.] [Crankshaft makes a weak pun-like statement.] Oh, I forgot to say: SPOILER FOR CRANKSHAFT.” –[Old Man] Muffaroo

“The only way this could be more deflating is if Margo suddenly developed the capacity to love.” –Nekrotzar

“Sam was shocked and surprised for so long I was beginning to get worried. I’m glad to see him back at the top of his game. Whichever game it is that requires him to be a smug dick.” –Darkefang

“I would totally read the Mark Trail spinoff series ‘Ranger Buzz Gets Laid,’ in which Ranger Buzz travels to remote locations that are always fortuitously populated by young, attractive single ladies. He introduces himself as the improbably named ‘Ranger Buzz,’ they are inevitably smitten, and then they do it. While the local woodland creatures watch.” –Revenge of Chesnut

“I eagerly anticipate the end of this Mary Worth storyline, where ‘Bonnie’ turns out to be Wilbur Weston in drag, and ‘Mary Worth’ turns out to be David Bowie.” –Steve S

“Wow, that’s a lot of text for a Pluggers comic. I wonder if their readership made it all the way through.” –JD

“When you’re a plugger, Big Mouth Billy Bass is apparently a bedroom aide.” –BowToTheBard

“For Margo, guns are as common as neckerchiefs in whatever hell hole Lu Ann claims to be from.” –skullcrusherjones

This is actually a reworking of the original submission, as ‘Pluggers think Ice-T is that cold tea beverage that you drink, with ice, and not that rap guy/TV sex crimes investigator’ was deemed too clunky even by Pluggers standards.” –Violet

“Josh, do not fear the hammer. Fear the hammer handle. Obviously, we have not witnessed the same porn movies.” –Dingo, the Essence of Purity and Virtue Incarnate™

“Jeffy should respond to this disappointment like he does all disappointments, by shocking his mother with nudity.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“I too read Tiffany’s line in panel 2 as referring pretty straightforwardly to a vibrator. Then I realized that that would have been a reasonably snappy sarcastic response to Gunther’s creepy, vaguely insulting question, and was therefore unlikely to have appeared in a Luann strip.” –perchingpath

“So the Random Luann Romance Generator finally threw out Gunther and Tiffany. And I keep waiting for it to be Bernice and Delta’s turn.” –yellojkt

“On the (reasonably lengthy) list of things that high school boys absolutely do not say, ‘I think if we talk about our issues, we’ll both feel better’ constitutes at least one in every three of them.” –One-eyed Wolfdog

“Hey waitaminute, Dave: Lily’s lost a very big part of her retirement savings? Must be one helluva prenup.” –Uncle Lumpy

“That second panel of the Phantom is fantastic. The glum but grim face of the Phantom as the narration box practically screams the word DEAD at him, while he stands just outside his creepy skull cave taking a sad, forlorn leak. ‘I will avenge you, Diana, after I’m finished draining the PYTHON.'” –Taquelli

“Frankly, I love Falk’s transformation in the third panel. He just went from erudite professor to bad-ass: he sheds the extra-lame ‘book’, adds a piercing glare, aqua bowler hat, menacing skull beating-stick, and a real zebra-skin coat draped over his right arm. Aww yeah, it’s Pimp time, bitches.” –Margaret

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