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And now, your comment of the week!

“Mark’s hands are in his pockets because he is desperately texting Bill Ellis: ‘Plz call me. Rgent.'” –Brian

And your runners up! Very funny!

“I think Mary Worth is stifling a yawn throughout today’s strip. That’s what I’d be doing.” –nescio

“I’m confident an unread Marvin anthology rests on the coffee table in the lobby of Hell.” –Who Is Dick Player?

You can tell you’re getting older … when you feel Death’s icy fingers gripping your heart. Thank you! I’ll be here all week … unless I die.” –Pozzo

“Sure, we may mock now, but decades from now, our children will look back with wonder upon the first time a superhero used the then common phrase of ‘Call me Nobody!’ (P.S. In the future, all superheroes are going to suck.)” –Megan (Best of Fates)

“Has Sabretooth seriously been stomping into every fairground he sees for the past several months yelling ‘I know you’re here!’? That’s fairly menacing for a Spider-Man villain.” –chrishocker

“[Bonnie] actually has a knockout figure. The apparent bulk (and its rapid changes) is from just that: rapid changes. She routinely wears up to twenty outfits at one time and keeps switching among them. It’s her way around the ‘you can’t possibly wear that many clothes!’ argument. She can and she does.” –Aviatrix

“Stung by the truth of what Cherry says, Mark immediately enrolls in a self-help seminar to ‘work on himself more.’ The seminar is two states away, in a remote wilderness area. He takes Andy with him.” –boojum

“Look at the ground they’re covering mid-conversation in Mark Trail! Somewhere between ‘You’re always helping other people with their problems, Mark…’ and ‘Now you can spend a little time solving MY problem!’, Mark must have started up about fly fishing again, and only stopped once they finished their stroll from beach to distant highlands, leaving Andy behind to be eaten alive by ducks.” –Black Drazon

“Hopefully, [Mary] won’t point out to Bonnie that she is only able to cry flesh-colored tears, lest the revelation entice Bonnie to purchase something to help ease her envy of women with fully functioning tear ducts.” –Thomas B.

“Apparently, Mark is so alarmed at this sudden turn of events that he has released a cloud of ink in a desperate bid to escape.” –Kevin

“I’m beginning to suspect that Woods & Wildlife is actually an elaborate ruse created by Mark’s employer to get rollicking, red-blooded accounts of how he punched out this or that bearded evildoer in whichever forest/swamp/mountainous region. These are actually run in a different magazine, Vigilante’s Monthly.” –commodorejohn

“Good to see that Mary color-coordinated her outfit with the hoarder’s clutter. It’s modern-day camouflage: When you wear vivid fuchsia and stand in front of a stack of vivid fuchsia boxes, nobody knows where your meddling voice is coming from.” –Kibo

“Margo is just upset she can’t find a Mother’s Day card that says ‘Thanks for not shooting me.'” –NoahSnark

“At the sight of an upturned car, Slylock and his trusty assistant run to the scene. Once they are there Max begins blowing an air horn and Slylock begins spraying the car with industrial grade air-freshener. The horror and stupefaction of the onlookers is well justified.” –sak

“Oh my, you’ve covered every square inch of your apartment with merchandise. I guess I’ll just have to sit on the FLOOR. No, really don’t bother to move even one of the boxes that is evidence of your shame. It’ll be better this way. More degrading for you, dear. Trust me.” –mustang

“‘Does Slylock think the seat belt law is a bad idea?’ Not, ‘Does he think it saves lives?’ but ‘Does he think it’s a bad idea.’ Basically we’re asked to guess Slylock’s political leanings. Does Slylock pragmatically decide that any legislation that saves lives is a ‘good idea’? Does Slylock believe in a so-called ‘nanny state’ style Forest Government? If not, does he believe that citizens should have absolute freedom in all areas, or does he believe that automotive laws are a special case because of the public nature of the roads and the comparatively massive danger that automobiles pose to our daily lives? All of these considerations and more concerning Slylock’s politics must be weighed before answering the question, not to mention the very real practical problems of legislating seat-belts for such a diverse citizenry. This is probably the most difficult Slylock Fox puzzle ever.” –AndyL

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