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Your COTW coming in a moment, but first: It’s another podcast starring your favorite blogger (assuming that I’m your favorite blogger, which I OBVIOUSLY AM). I did the War Rocket Ajax podcast with comics bloggers Euge Ahn and Chris Sims. We discuss, among other things, our secret love for Curtis, and fought our way through various technical difficulties. I even took questions from the newfangled Twitter machine. Good times!

And now, your COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“You gotta admire Peter Parker. It takes a lot of skill, determination, dedication, and guts to watch as much TV as he does and still be unable to work the remote buttons with one hand.” –Dragon of Life

And the runners up! Very hilarious!

Mark Trail has got to be Monday’s funniest comic strip. Look at Sassy run from Rusty and his terrible, perverted promises!” –sloopygoop

“It appears to be a fashion frump-off. Who can have the highest neckline?” –Rusty

“Peter is going to surprise MJ by going to his wife’s show instead of watching TV all night? Who is he trying to fool? Kudos though on setting the marital bar so low that any effort to care about MJ gets you showered with sex.” –Shawn S.

“‘Too close’ to Marvin means ‘within smelling distance’. So … pretty far, actually.” –Sue D. Nymme

“I’ll surprise MJ by finally pretending to show interest in something that she does. I truly AM a hero … now for my morning bowl of gin and breadcrumbs.” –Cooler King

“What’s that can in Peter’s hand? Is it a special energy drink for whiners?” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“The rain is just a red herring. Dennis is holding a newspaper over his head, asking if he can stay with Mr. Wilson until the inevitable demise of print media. Luckily, that will happen well before the thunderstorm is over.” –Patrick

“Am I the only one who gets that Margo, in order to set an example, is going to assault Lu Ann using sticks and stones?” –Push Trot

“The intimate moment between skilled farmer and nostalgic cow would be easier to bear without the two pairs of eyes staring directly into my soul, probing me for judgment. You will find none here, you two, continue for all time.” –Nachos Supreme

“I fear that the terrible green shirt in Mary Worth is headed for the ‘keep’ pile. Oh Mary, haven’t you hurt Bonnie enough?” –Les of the Jungle Patrol

“I completely connect with the Senator’s need to announce the vague details of his job. Many’s the time I stopped by the local watering hole, proudly held my finger aloft, and said ‘I delivered educational instruction to fourth graders today!’ Then an old guy talks about poop.” –salmo

“You know what would be a really funny Luann strip? Quinn: ‘So, tomorrow we’ll both get naked and I’ll thrust my penis into your vagina repeatedly until I ejaculate.’ Luann: ‘Be sure to stimulate my clitoris so I have an orgasm.’ Tiffany walks in and for some reason gets the mistaken idea that Luann & Quinn are planning on having sex. Hilarity ensues.” –Nekrotzar

Luann’s eyes have always looked like a Muppet’s eyes to me. Vacant, soulless Muppet eyes.” –Josh N.

“If this storyline follows the Trail template, the overalled driver’s next move will be to break into a closed store to get some kind of canine first-aid kit. Meanwhile, Mark will punch the horse because its face is hairy.” –Steve S.

“Since there are no bottles at the ‘British Pub,’ should we assume that the Bloody Mary will actually be made from blood?” –Digger

“I find it fascinating that the Gossip Fence in Hootin’ Holler is constructed merely by threading its railings through holes that have been cut into the uprights, whereas the barrette in Elviney’s pony-tail appears to be firmly riveted into place, if not in fact anchored in reinforced concrete.” –seismic-2

“The one-on-one intervention in Mary Worth has clearly been harrowing on our helmet-haired protagonist. She may look as fresh and put-together as always, but her usual icy rictus grin can’t hide her visibly missing index finger, no doubt bitten off by Bonnie when Mary tried to take the former’s credit cards.” –Paddy

“The letter M on the runner’s cap marks how far he got in learnin’ the alphabet before he had to quit school. Since he made it into the double digits (13 letters!), he is alternately feared and mocked as the community’s sole interlekchual.” –boojum

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