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Without further ado (or any ado, really), let’s go to your comment of the week!

‘This is money. You’ll start makin’ it when you start losin’ teeth.’ Uh, things a pimp might say! Things you didn’t want to know about your grandparents! Pass!” –bartcow

And your runners up! Very hilarious!

“Oh, and speaking of wild and cagey, ignore the hobo with the dildo camera who’s camped on the hill overlooking the fenced area. Say, who needs a refill of blue liquor?” –Dood

“You know, it’s bad that the best dressed guy we have seen in weeks is Dr. Jeff. My initial thought was ‘Hey, I think I have a shirt just like that.’ I then proceeded to sob for hours, burn the shirt, and turn in my gay membership card. I may possibly be the only man Mary Worth has ever turned straight.” –Jeremiah

“I’m just really enjoying the whole idea of the Federal Health Care Blue Book. It must have each body part listed, but are they separated by ‘person’? Or by ‘level of hideous depression’? Because there has to be some way to differentiate Ziggy from the rest.” –mgm

‘Guide him to where that big buck deer hangs out.’ ‘You mean, 18 inches from where we hobbled him and tied him to a tree?'” –Tom Allen

“Seeing Loweezy pronounce the word ‘groceries’ in its entirety comes as quite a shock when portrayed in the same panel with a sign with the words ‘GEN’RAL STO.'” –Red Greenback

“I see something far more sinister in the Family Circus panel for today. PJ’s old enough to learn that there’s only one way out of the compound, and that’s in the ring. You can make a little money by winning, but you can make a lot of money by taking a dive. Dolly’s not too proud to fall.” –Sarahindie

“Because when you adore someone, and want him to succeed, and want to spend time with him, and be best friends with him, that’s not a good foundation for a relationship. No, in the world of Judge Parker, what is absolutely necessary for a successful relationship is a shared love of luxury, a shared contempt of the lower classes, and a shared unity of purpose in getting by based on zero real world effort.” –Peripheral Visionary

“I think Margo’s eyebrow might be stuck.” –AndyL

“Bridesmaids? That should not even be a question. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is in attendance at all legitimate weddings.” –cj

“I always liked Irving, and now I know why. He’s obviously a loathsome sociopath, but classy enough to weave his excitement over his new iPhone into Cathy’s pregnancy announcement.” –B.B.

Cathy + ‘Belly Laffs’? Out of all the possible futures, this ranks just above the one where apes take over.” –UnclGhost

“That ‘ack’ isn’t from Cathy’s baby; it’s her vagina, and it’s ack-ing in response to both the horrors it witnessed at the conception of the baby, and also the guilt it feels at the part it will play at bringing another Cathy into the world.” –Etters

“Don’t you love it when ‘anything is possible’ but the results are the same as always?” –Ktrout

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