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Just a quick COTW this week, and then I’m taking a belated holiday weekend off. See y’all Monday! Here’s your top comment:

“Come on, Mary. Why look so scared? It’s beautiful when two people find real love. You should give it a chance. What? Why not give it a chance, Mary? Perhaps you should work on whatever problem is holding you back from love. What would Jung say, Mary?” –Comcis Fan

And the funny runners up!

“I thought calling Ziggy a loser was a statement of fact, not an insult. It’s like calling your physician ‘doctor.'” –TheDiva

“I’m inordinately worried about that cup of boiling-hot tea precariously perched on the arm of the couch in today’s Marvin. Actually, ‘worried’ might not be the right term. ‘Hopeful’ might be better.” –Patrick

“Ah! So this ludicrous ‘undercover fisherman’ storyline is just an excuse to have Bill Ellis pose in creepy ways for HR’s next sexual harassment PowerPoint.” –Doctor Handsome

“I guess I just don’t see why this Mark Trail strip has to be from Bill’s point of view anyhow, seeing as he’s just repeating everything Mark’s saying in the first place, sitcom-style. ‘Why yes, Mark, Kelly and her bizarrely Rusty-like face are here. What? Why yes, she IS wearing her modest fuchsia top and apparently masturbating right in front of me. How did you know?'” –els

“I can’t wait for Kelly Welly to get to the fishing hole for a week of bacchanalian debauchery with Mr. Trail. She’ll blow his cover and his mind.” –Dingo, the Essence of Purity and Virtue Incarnate™

“I .. I can’t tell how many eyes that moose has.” –whozitwhatzit

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