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Hey, kids, I was actually heroically updating my blog while traveling last week, which means that I didn’t do as thorough a job of reading all your comments as I could have. Does this mean that there were great gems that I missed? Almost certainly! Nevertheless, I give you your comment of the week, which I feel is pretty darn funny!

“Hey, Trail! You’re walking into an ambush where the Frank the would-be governor will push you off a cliff. Here, take this cell phone! Partly to show that this story wasn’t written in 1975, but mostly so you can call us as you plummet, because we’d all get a kick out of that.” –AndyL

The runners up are similarly gems!

“Frankly, I’m more concerned that Jeffy appears to have acquired a copy of the Necronomicon.” –Eric

“Yes, Jill, how can you say that Adrian is marrying below herself? That’s simply not possible.” –Violet

“Actually, Jeffy is about to make an intellectual breakthrough. First he’s noticed that diverse organisms have similarities and wondered at their relationship. Next he’ll try to classify them based on similar characters (Linnaean taxonomy). Eventually, he’ll realize the bedrock truth of Common Descent, and abandon that system for a more comprehensive way of describing the familial relationships of all the organisms of the Earth (cladistics). At that point, he’ll be burned at the stake. Keanes didn’t descend from no gotdammed monkehs.” –Great American Satan

“What is going on in the background of panel two? Are Mary, Jill, and Dr. Adrian having lunch at the 1939 Academy Awards?” –MWDG

“I started thinking about bird people and rest rooms and newspapers being everywhere and things went crazy-meta.” –Speck

“The characters in A3G change positions so much that I can’t help but think that they’ve become at least a bit self-aware of how little they actually do, and so they pace around in the hopes that if they move, the plot will, too.” –Hasty Penguin

“Notice the ambient debris field — a fedora, an actual newspaper (!), the zippered satchel. Also the narrow tie and basic black suit. Evidently Bil has been lying there since 1963.” –Uncle Ritzy Fritz

“If you ever make direct eye contact with a person while saying the words, ‘One day I’ll be your surgeon,’ your real future is as a homicidal sociopath. Someday, people will be dressing up like that kid for Halloween!” –Joe Blevins

SO IT’S HOMELESS YOU WANT, DAVID? Then, um … I’ll separate your soul from the body it calls home? Yeah, I guess that’ll work.” –Dagger

A3G: Could we please have just one small example of one ‘adventure,’ please? I’d like to know if we’re talking about ‘Last year, for six months, I shacked up with a sexy porter near Namche Bazaar’ or ‘Once, in San Francisco, I tried sushi.'” –Poteet

“‘That is scary.’ Muses Jeff. ‘That I could suffer this hellish life long enough for that kid to complete medical school.'” –bunivasal

Why are you dressed in surgical scrubs? You specifically. I couldn’t give two fucks why the rest of you kids are dressed in specific costumes.” –captainswift

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