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It’s time once again for your Friday comment of the week! I did eventually tackle Luann this week, but Maggie’s comment pretty much describes why it took me so long.

“I can’t believe you’re calling out hot sexy comic strip action without mentioning this week’s Luann! Is it because you eyes burn with shame and confusion each day this queasiness progresses? Because … because I get that. When I saw Toni Daytona charlie horse humping Brad today, I called in sick and went back to bed.” –Maggie

And your runners up! Very funny!

“The dissonance between Adrian’s desperate eyes in the first panel and her claim to be ‘calm and happy’ is something out of a POW video. If this were a live video, her eyes would be blinking the horrific truth in Morse code.” –Johnny Knuckles

“Wait, is Mary eating a Pantone PMS 727 indeterminate puff, or her own middle finger? Apparently even she isn’t immune to the oily, seeping tendrils of boredom Adrian shoots out like strangler vines.” –bunivasal

“Mary, try the hors d’oeuvres! I chose these plain, gray crackers to symbolize our impending bland, unsatisfying marriage.” –Ethan Shuster

“We find it intriguing that shades of lavender seem to be de rigueur at Charterstone this week: the higher the status, the darker the hue. Mrs. Worth is, of course, exempt. When purple becomes the badge of the common folk, the nobility wears teal. ” –Fashion Police

“Also, the Lodge tyranny explains why Archie hasn’t done a stroke of proper work in several decades. Honestly, look at that complacent yawning mug. It makes me thirst for the revolution.” –TruthOfAngels

“I think we can mark today as the day grad school has official broken me: I read that Archie strip and found myself nodding knowingly at the final panel. ‘I feel you, Archie comic spinster schoolmarm lady. Students are the worst!'” –Revenge of Chesnut

“I’m pretty sure that when Mark gets out of the shower, he’ll just rip off that layer of skin, revealing a new layer of khaki just underneath. He only really needs to shower in order to maintain his slicked-wet hairdo.” –Jim North

Funky Winkerbean: The ‘my wife’ joke actually makes a lot of sense because as Les’s handler for this stop of the tour, I’m pretty sure Mike now wishes he were dead, like Lisa.” –No Stupid Bear

‘I think one of us had a little too much to drink’ reflects Doc Jeff’s confusion over whether this hot young booze-addled blonde’s come-on stems from her disinhibition or his hallucination. Either way, it’s the best damn day of his life.” –Uncle Lumpy

“I’m glad we still don’t know whether or not Mark has nipples. Either answer would be creepy.” –Poteet

Shoe: I imagine that the art intern was charged with drawing a Treetops version of Santa, but the beak didn’t work. And he started asking himself if this Santa-bird would still have a beard, and how would that make any sense? Then he spent the rest of the day weeping in the corner.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“As soon as Les gets the projector set up, we are all invited up his ass for a slideshow commemorating Lisa’s suffering and death, projected onto the interior of his rectum. (Musical accompaniment: ‘I Will Remember You’ by Sarah McLachlan.)” –Walker of Dog

“The romantic misadventures of Aunt Iris are clearly building up to a spin-off strip entitled Willard Scott: Taxicab Matchmaker.” –Doctor Handsome

“Damn you, Comics Curmudgeon. For the first time in my life I find myself seeking out today’s Mary Worth to see what happens. By the way, Jill appears to be melting.” –k#

“Greg Evans is just messing with us. I think he originally draws Brad and Toni having sex, for his own perverse enjoyment, then uses Photoshop to move them two feet apart and add clothing. The dialog’s unchanged.” –cheech wizard

“I hope the cabman manages to be pretty assertive with his advice, considering Aunt Iris’ gift-giving history. Otherwise our hapless cyclist may be spending the next few weeks rearranging his living room around a civil-war cannon, old-timey jukebox and full-sized puppet theater.” –Violet

“It seems to me that ‘another incident’ is exactly what Adrian wants: look at that smile on her face as she proffers Jill support. ‘No,’ Jill mumbles, ‘I don’t want any water.’ ‘It’s vodka, sweetie, now drink up … we’ve both got four more hours of this crap.'” –I am Jack’s username

Family Circus: No, Dolly, they’re ‘triplets,’ not ‘threeplicates.’ Not everyone was grown in a vat like you and your brothers.” –Mr. Goboto

“Pretty sure you’re giving Marvin’s look of terror way too much credit for listening/caring to the beings around him. It is just random happenstance timing, that he just dropped a massive, unexpected deuce in his pants. In which case the bug eyes are less ‘terror’ and more ‘SURPRISE DUMP EGO POWER SURRRRRGE.'” –Wilbur

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