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You guys, I normally do my ad love bit at the end of this post, but this week’s ad should get better treatment, because it’s for a book written by One Big Happy scribe and faithful Comics Curmudgeon reader Rick Detorie: The Accidental Genius Of Weasel High! Kirkus Reviews says: “No accidental work of genius, this — Detorie’s carefully crafted novel is an engaging experience.” And Stephan Pastis of Pearls Before Swine says “This book gets the highest rating I can give a book without actually being paid to say so.” Well, I’m being paid, but I still think you should check it out.

And now, your comment of the week!

“Wait a minute! It has been amply demonstrated that Liza does not love Mountview Hospital. Are we to understand that she is a mug thief along with everything else?” –Violet

And your very funny runners up.

“I do like the drug metaphor. ‘I AM WHO I AM. Specifically, I am like heroin. Sweet, sweet heroin.'” –Neigedens

“Having successfully integrated the messages of his new corporate sponsors into a sermon, the preacher in Gasoline Alley proceeded on to phase 2 — replacing the sacrament with Diet Pepsi and Necco wafers.” –NoahSnark

“I hope when we finally see John Fucking Thrasher that he’s dressed in a hoodie and aviator glasses. And pants, too, I guess.” –Maggie the Cat

“Clearly, the purpose of Rick’s head examination was to select an Easter bonnet to go with his peach suit.” –Fashion Police

“I’m hoping that Rick’s statement ‘I was busy having my head examined’ is a euphemism for ‘trepanning.’ Gruesome, outdated medical procedures can only improve Apartment 3G, especially after Margo learns how to use them to further bend Tommie to her will. Failing that, I hope that ‘I was busy having my head examined’ is a euphemism for ‘seeing a phrenologist.’ Because 19th century pseudoscience is vastly preferable to seeing Rick go on for weeks about his numerous insecurities. Also, because I’m interested in any sort of explanation for all of his weird extra facial clefts seen in the second panel.” –Alan’s Addiction

“Liza is obviously flooding Facebook with iPhone photos of her half-eaten cafeteria sponge.” –Patrick

“Of course this nurse doesn’t have any information on this patient – it’s a little difficult to accurately diagnose a problem when the only equipment in your patient’s room is two IV stands and a cash register.” –Scott Bot

“Who gives a shit about this no-name gomer and his stupid fever when that crazy fucking nurse is releasing General Zod from the Phantom Zone?!” –Doctor Handsome

“Liza’s not a good nurse because she hasn’t got the patients. Get it? Huh? Patients = patience? Ha! Also because she lets them die while she plays Fruit Ninja.” –Esther Blodgett

“My favorite thing is how royally pissed the Python looks. ‘A freakin’ open-air cage? Anyone here ever hear of the rainy season? Happens every year? Hello!!?'” –boojum

“Remember that Morbius bit Spiderman during their battle. In most vampire mythologies this means that Spiderman would come under the vampire’s power. However the power is reversed here, as it is now poor Morbius who can’t keep his eyes open and can’t tell whether he’s awake or asleep. At their next encounter Morbius will meekly submit to Spiderman’s whims, which will involve a couch and widescreen plasma TV.” –Bill Thompson

“I dunno. I just assumed sandwich was code for ‘threesome’ personally.” –Jobrill

“In the third panel, who is the guy behind the sheriff? It looks like Mark in a bad ’70s porn star disguise. Maybe that is how Mark will get to talk to John Thrasher — either by delivering a pizza or say that he is there to clean the pool. –Liam

“Shouldn’t that be ‘2nite’? C’mon, girlfriend, that’s how all the hip texters talk! Oh, well, at least she hasn’t found a way to dot her i’s with little hearts.” –Pozzo

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