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As the seasons change, the comments of the week continue. Here’s this week’s top spot!

“She nursed me, a complete stranger, back to health with no thought to the horrors that might come to her and her child from the same evil thugs who murdered her husband. And all you can think to ask is if she was PRETTY??? Actually, she looked exactly like you if you wore a halter top and a wig. So, no, I wouldn’t describe her as ‘pretty.’ I hope she gets back with her relatives or something. Girls are icky.” –Mustang

And the runners up — very funny!

“Looks to me like Cherry and Rusty have gotten over Mark’s disappearance and presumed death — for example, they’ve already scribbled over all the portraits of him in their house, which is stage 15 on the Kubler-Ross scale, I think.” –Oavis

“To be fair, is there any emotion Rusty expresses without ‘face twisting’?” –SecretMargo

“It’s a good thing that Mark Trail took the time to shave before he called his family to tell them he’s OK. First things first.” –Mark B

“Funnily enough, this is just how Rusty always answers the phone, what with the shouting and demanding questions and creepy mind rays oozing out of his eyes, down the phone lines, and into the caller’s skull to dig out their thoughts and memories, one by one, like ice cream being gouged with a scoop.” –Jim North

On the proposal that this gown in Luann might be a salwar kameez: “I mean, seriously, a salwar kameez is like *the* *best* *thing* *to* *wear* *ever.* It would take a kind of obsessed person with unhealthy goals and limitless free time to screw one up. Which, Gunther.” –Katy

Hopefully she got back with her relatives! She did save my life, so the very least I can do is ponder vaguely about her fate with idle good intentions.” –Lorne

“I’m playing count the mouths on Cherry in the first panel and keep losing.” –Tophat

“It’s supposed to be update on the line, ‘that and a nickel will get you a cup of coffee,’ which was coined when coffee could be obtained for 5 cents a cup. All of which means, ‘talk is worthless.’ Since he has willfully moved back to the economically and emotionally depressed center of Batiukland, the phrase would have been rendered better as ‘that and a buck will get you a slice of crappy pizza that tastes like weeping.'” –gleeb

“Morbius is ‘urban’ in the sense that he wears terrible spandex from the 1970s.” –Naked Bunny With A Whip

“It looks like Larry Lieber attended the ‘Joe Giella Master Class on Human Gestures and How To Render Them.’ Joe’s secret? Hands! Humans, like, do things with their hands when they talk to each other! ‘What do I pay you for? Hands!’ ‘Actually you don’t! Hands!’ ‘Get me a shot of that urban Dracula tonight! HANDS!'” –Krazy Kat

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