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Folks, I shan’t beat around the bush: this here is your comment of the week.

Blaze arrives on the scene, to fill his new role as exposition bomb, and what a bomb! Luke Skywalker haircut, shirt open to the winds to accentuate his flat, bare and pallid flesh, neckerchief tied tight enough to introduce constant auto-erotic asphyxiation. Blaze is ready to drop his contractually obliged one-line-a-year, folks, let’s sit back and enjoy.” –Black Drazon

And your runners up! So funny!

“Geez, Cherry, you’re supposed to spray that stuff on the spiders, not sniff it yourself. Oh well, she looks like she’s plenty wired now. Mark will have even more trouble than usual fending off her physical advances.” –Digger

Spider-Man: “‘He’s just pretending to be asleep!’ Say what you want about Peter but he’s the expert on actual versus pretend sleeping. He’s also pretty good on head injuries.” –Chip Whittle

‘Now here’s one by Woody Guthrie, about the plight of…’ is not a sentence I would ever stick around for the end of in real life, so kudos to Gil Thorp for realizing that I wouldn’t in a comic strip, either.” –Doctor Handsome

Trying to sell milk to cows sounds less like a con artist and more like a man unable to formulate a workable business strategy.” –Dave

“Look, son! I get Men’s Workout right here on my electronic reading device! It’s like a crisp, new copy every time.” –Comcis Fan

“And what about the bright red cashmere sweater? We are sadly aware that the days of doctors dressing like professionals is over, but Dr. Cory’s aggressively blatant leisurewear rather sends the message that he really doesn’t have any interest whatsoever in his patients. One could say the same for Dr. Cory the Younger’s Spanx® t-shirt.” –Fashion Police

“I like watching Dr. Drew between panel one and two here. ‘Liza’ is checking him out in panel two, while Dr. Drew examines the medical chart of the orange suited man he just cheerily waved goodbye to, his grim expression clearly reading as ‘Oh shit, I probably shouldn’t have said “see you later” to that guy. Ha ha! I’m a terrible doctor.'” –Tophat

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