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Ziggy, 9/6/11

What really makes today’s Ziggy work (and there’s a series of words I’ll bet you never expected to see in that order) are the facial expressions on our two dramatis personae. This could be yet another dumb cartoon about Twitter written by someone who’s heard about, but never actually used, Twitter, but I’m drawn in by how manic and excited Ziggy looks as he scribbles in his diary, along with the look of genuine distress on the face of his parrot (who is named Josh, by the way, and yes, it disturbs me both that Ziggy’s parrot is named Josh and that I know that Ziggy’s parrot is named Josh). What juicy tidbits might Ziggy unleash on the world, via Twitter? Is Josh unsettled by the thought that Ziggy might reveal his deepest parrot-secrets on various social networking sites? Or does just he just know that Ziggy’s innermost thoughts are repugnant to all right-thinking people and should never, ever see the light of day? Anyway, he needn’t worry, as Ziggy isn’t allowed to have an Internet connection, because of the court order.

Mark Trail, 9/6/11

OH SNAP SGT. MCQUEEN IS IN ON THE BIRD-BANDING CONSPIRACY! “I knew this day would come … the day when my pointless, incomprehensible actions would lead to the very mild negative consequences that only exist in my fantasy world. Princess, deliver this message for me … you know where to go … no, Princess! Don’t eat it! Damn you, dog, don’t pretend you don’t understand complex English sentences! Why would I spend so much time talking to you if you don’t?”