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Many longstanding Comics Curmudgeon readers know (or know of) Dingo, who was a hilarious and raunchy commenter on this blog from its earliest days. He hadn’t been posting much over the past couple of years, and I knew he had been ill with brain cancer, and now Uncle Lumpy brings the sad news that he lost his fight.

I heard from his sister Joyce that Jeff Gillette, who posted here as Dingo, died Sunday evening after a long illness. She wrote, “He loved Comics Curmudgeon and the fact that others, besides me, enjoyed his sense of humor.”

Jeff will be buried Friday near his home in Illinois. Joyce asked that any in memoriam contributions be sent to either the National Brain Tumor Society or The Art Institute of Chicago.

I’m planning to send flowers to the funeral home on behalf of his friends here. If you’d like to chip in by PayPal, specify as recipient: I’ll split any extra between the Society and the Institute.

Here’s a very in-character Dingo Comment of the Week from 2009, a story and picture from a 2009 fishing trip with his Dad, and another picture (far right) from a 2007 meetup.

Let us give thanks for all the fun times Dingo’s jokes brought us. I’m jealous of those of you got to meet him in person.

Update: Thanks to Dub Not Dubya for digging up the link to this hilarious bit of Dingo photoshop action.