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Your COTW soon, but, first, an update. After the untimely death of Dingo, a much-beloved character and commenter around these parts, Uncle Lumpy organized many Comics Curmudgeon readers to help buy some flowers and donate money to the Art Institute of Chicago in Dingo’s name. Now Uncle Lumpy passes on the touching note from Dingo’s mom, which you should definitely read. It sounds like his family very much appreciated him for who he was.

And now: your comment of the week:

‘So Crazy Harry is 52,’ Mrs. Winkerbean says as if Crazy Harry isn’t directly in front of her. She had learned long ago to never engage him directly in conversation. Best to only give lip service to occasion and then for the rest of the night passive-aggressively nod at the restraining order tacked to the wall.” –David Willis

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Nina’s a sucker for giving away free oxygenated blood and nutrients to a tiny helpless fetus that will likely never repay her; no wonder Margo’s making the ‘L for Loser’ sign.” –ratnerstar

“People in the Funkyverse celebrate birthdays only as a sign that Death has been cheated of a prize for another year; for gifts, their friends simply leave them essays on why the victory is ultimately meaningless. But hey, cake! Oh wait, it’s just that sub-par pizza? Fuck.” –Dagger

“Excuse me gentlemen but my breasts are down here. Seriously what is the point of flaunting my big breasts if you guys aren’t going to look at them.” –Liam

“I don’t think that Ed Crankshaft actually participated in the military action against the Nazis and the Empire of the Rising Sun that kept the world safe from tyranny. Rather, I think that WWII is being used here as a metaphor for when Crankshaft got married (a catastrophe that took the lives of 27 million people).” –Nekrotzar

“What? What is this? It is as if someone took a tape and crushed it into a flat disk. The joke is on you, Kaz! This will not work in a VHS player! Ha ha!” –hogenmogen

Spider-man: “MJ’s transforming — into someone else! Oh, no — what if it’s someone who won’t put up with my shit?!” –Dono

“I was going to complain about how often Mary Worth tries to pass off ‘?’ as a line of dialogue, until I realized that I respond like that to the strip every day, verbatim.” –Doctor Handsome

“I sure wish we could freeze time now, before Mary exposes Nora’s behavior as a product of her unhappy childhood/first romance/professional lethargy/childlessness/free will.” –A New Day

“Either these guys seem to have a poor understanding of the statute of limitations or the authorities in the Mark Trail universe have very short attention spans. Officer One: ‘Hey aren’t those guys the bank robbers who made off with 200 grand?’ Office Two: ‘That’s so last week. Let’s solve some more recent crimes.'” –Bobdog

“I hate to think that we might never get to see the movie Blind Butch: The Blind Hunting Dog Who Is Blind and Cannot See, Because He Is Blind. It would have been a surefire ratings winner, on the Stupidity Channel.” –seismic-2

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