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Hello, Comics Curmudgeon readers! You are probably aware (because I’ve pointed it out to you several times) that I co-run a Tumblr, called [Citation Needed], full of hilarious/terrible excerpts from Wikipedia. You are probably also aware that there is a book that culls the best of the Tumblr, and includes funny jokes from us to boot. But what you may not know is that you can get the Kindle version of the book for free for the rest of the week! We are hoping you will download it on your Kindle and think “What I need is a paper copy of this book that I can keep in the bathroom at all times” and then you’ll shell out for that, but really if you just get it on your Kindle and enjoy it we’ll be mildly satisfied.

The occasion for this act of generosity is tomorrow, which is of course the 2012 edition of National High Five Day. While surely you are aware of this event and probably already have the day off from work, what you may not know is that it’s an entirely fake holiday co-invented ten years ago by Conor Lastowka, who is my partner in [Citation Needed] curation (and also a writer for Rifftrax). Conor has recently decided that High Five Day should be not just about propagating obvious falsehoods about the origin of the high five, but also about helping others, and thus is not only giving out Kindle editions of our book (which helps you via the gift of laughter) but also raising money for cancer research. Have you wanted to fight cancer, but always feel like doing so just makes everyone in Funky Winkerbean all the smugger? Well, click here to help make a genuine friend o’ Josh smug instead.