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It’s getting positively pleasant out there, and comments of the week are blooming like flowers! Here’s the prettiest!

This strip is so close to perfection. If only they had spelled it ‘marihuana.'” –Michael Yuri

And the others, almost as lovely!

“What, did Jeff suddenly wake up in a letterman jacket, glass in hand, next to Mary on the couch? ‘Huh? Where am I? Is that the televangelist Johnny Thomas? What’s in this drink?'” –Squeak

“George, you got your point across, but we still have to pay him.” –Lee

“Dinny and Bobby do look like they’re getting serious, what with Dinny being stark naked except for a ballcap and jockstrap. Let’s hope their clumsy experimentation with physical love does not permanently scar their hearts and/or urogenital regions.” –Ed Dravecky

“The real menace, of course, is Dennis pulling an April Fool’s joke on April 2nd, thus toppling Joey’s already shaky sense of reality.” –Pozzo

“With as rich as Veronica’s dad is, you’d think he could afford to hire a caddy with, y’know, upper-body strength, or a working knowledge of golf.” –Doctor Handsome

“‘Funky is driving us to meet the bus that goes to the train that takes us to the plane that flies the cat that ate the rat, etc.’ Nothing is easy in the Funkyverse — especially trying to escape.” –Mikey Mike

“How did Iris get so tipsy on just one drink, anyway? It’s not like the Morgans are the type to give a full pour, especially to houseguests of unknown temperament. We get a lot of unbelievable characters in this daily drama strips, but I think the Cowgirl Who Cannot Hold Her Liquor probably tops the list.” –cheech wizard

“Studying Jeff a bit more — he has big ears and ear lobes in panel one, and dainty lobeless ears in the second. Maybe he has mismatched lobe? Magic lobes? Maybe he tried to cut one off to send to the object of his desire. Maybe Mike Tyson bit it off.” –Deb T

“I refuse to believe Mary Worth was ever young! She was an old biddy when I was a child, and I’m 41. She was born complete and whole from the ashes, Phoenix-like, of a freak Geritol-induced explosion during an all-night Strip Canasta tournament in the old Chartestone rec room.” –kingklash

“Also, why does Brad have to stop talking for Toni to be able to reach in with both hands and yank out his still beating heart? It would be much more satisfying to kill that schmuck in mid-sentence. But I suppose anytime is good, really.” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“The words ‘Marijuana, that’s what it is!’ pierce the air. 200 miles away in the Lost Forest, Giant Stoner Chicken awakes.” –Nate

Rejected alternatives: snitch, ditch, stitch, kitsch, switch, ostrich.” –Brent

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