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HI EVERYBODY, your faithful Comics Curmudgeon is having a terrible allergy attack and is high on the Sudafed, apologies if this collection of comments makes little/no sense but here they are:

Mark Trail: “I shall never tire of a small boat, green inside, green outside, one green oar, green engine, is there an anchor? Is it green? I sure hope so.” –Not Just Any Dipstick

There are runners up that are also funny!

“The ‘highway’, Josh? Take a look at the ground under that truck. E. Bunny doesn’t have time to use roads to deliver his eggs, he just drives onto the grass and lobs a basket through the closest ground-level window. Happy Easter, y’all! The chocolate should give the kids plenty of energy to help mommy and daddy resod the lawn and replace a pane of glass.” –pugfuggly

“I don’t care if you’re a pioneering medical hero who practically invented modern nursing, I need a doctor! I’m talking to the bearded guy pushing a gurney rather than the professional woman with a clipboard behind me because I have the proportional sexism of a spider.” –Ed Dravecky

“Lois appears to be dressed in a late-60s/early 70s superhero outfit. She’s the amazing Lowballer, with her mutant ability to detect others’ despair and turn it into profit!” –Pozzo

“Shoe should show a helpful guide at the side of each strip to show you how high you must be to find the strip funny. Today’s strip would be rated as three oxycontin, a fifth of peppermint schnapps, and a full bottle of Mylanta.” –NoahSnark

“It figures that Mary is one of those annoying people who always have something to serve to guests when they come by: a nice slice of frozen Sara Lee White Pie, or some Pepperidge Farms YellowMounds, with a steaming cup of ‘?'” –bourbon babe, unbuckled

‘You — you’re awake?!’ It’s a mixed marriage.” –Doctor Handsome

Also this long comment from Master Softheart about Phantom franchise opportunities is way too long to reproduce here but is awesome and you should read it.

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