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Guys, I am taking a brief break from plugging my novel to plug another project I’m involved in. You might recall Fusion, a project I contributed to where other (non-Korean-speaking) comics folks and I came up with new dialogue for some Korean comics. Fusion creator Ryan Estrada are offering a special promotional contest. Below is the strip that I re-dubbed, so to speak, shown in the original Korean.

Email me your own suggestion for what the dialogue should be. I’ll pick my favorite and the winner will get the $100 version of the Whole Story project — 1,600 pages of comics on an SD card, plus original art — plus you’ll get an e-book version of my novel when it’s done! (OK, I plugged the novel a little.) Enter now, for happy fun times! (Or just check out the comics you can buy for money and not your wit. Name your price!)