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While we in the northeast prepare for further heatpocalypse, I offer you your comment of the week.

“I don’t know … maybe you’re process servers! Or maybe you’re here to steal my limited-edition Droopy Dawg bookend.” –Esther Blodgett

And the runners up! Very funny!

“I just want to know who Smokey and his lover are burying. Only YOU can prevent exposure of your dirty little secrets.” –LUJBEM FEJF

“So which will come first: Nina’s baby or Luann’s first orgasm? Yep, I went there and now you can’t unthink it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” –Apeman

“What travel brochure just shows a random road? ‘Have a nice relaxing stay on Highway 42!'” –Dartpaw86

“Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t the first time Tommie has thought, ‘There is another way, but I’m totally inexperienced’? It wouldn’t surprised me if she has it stitched into a sampler.” –Pozzo

“Come on, Dawn, don’t you realize that Italian cuisine is famous primarily for its fresh vegetables? It’s not as if you can find fresh vegetables back home in California.” –Samuel PG

“Look, Tommie. You’re never going to learn if you don’t try. What’s the worst that can happen: your client and her baby dead on the floor of a Manhattan apartment with a major trauma center only a few blocks away, that’s all. So you have to make some mistakes, but that’s how you get better. I think it was Thomas Edison who said, ‘Yes, I invented the medical X-Ray machine. But no one talks about the fact that I poisoned dozens, including my loyal assistant to get there.’ So I say go for it!” –geekwhisperer

“The United States flag has 5 rows of 6 stars and 4 rows of 5 stars (5×6+4×5=50). The flag does NOT have 10 rows of 5 stars, except in the police state that Dick Tracy pledges allegiance to.” –Mysterion

“I forgive you for acting like a jealous nincompoop. I still need time to come to terms with you being such an indolent limpdick moocher, though.” –Doctor Handsome

“I hope Giorgio turns out to be Mary Worth in an elaborate latex mask.” –Drew Funk

“I’d always thought that ‘bighorn’ were a type of peaceful and cute mountain dwelling sheep. In fact their appearance in the Lost Forest is apparently a semi-annual terror-fest. ‘I wish Mark was here … We could go take pictures of the bighorn as they come down the mountain to feed … on brains and human flesh'” –Inkler

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