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Guys first off, extreme thanks are in order for everyone who’s pre-ordered my upcoming novel via Kickstarter. I’ve met my goal — and my stretch goal, which means that the book will be illustrated — but of course I’d love to get my book into as many hands as possible, and more presales means a better edited, better designed, and better book overall.

First, I wanted to let people who might be interested know that we have readers who’d be interested in going in on a novel-reading party in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vancouver, and New Orleans. If you live in those necks of the woods and are interested, email me and let me know and I’ll put you in touch!

I also wanted to let you know that Francesco Marciuliano, writer for Sally Forth and creator of the beloved Medium Large webcomic, has chipped in some Medium Large art that you can get your hot little hands on by sponsoring my novel To wit:

  • For $150, you get a signed and inscribed hardbound copy of my novel, plus the e-book version, plus you’ll receive your choice of a Medium Large strip from the archives. These would not be the original strips, but would be hard-drawn on better paper than the original was (and Ces adds that “frankly the art would be better after years of drawing these things”), so it’s like a … betteriginal? You could pick this infamous B.C. strip, or an entry in the glorious Teenage Girl President series, or perhaps something from Todd and Son, or your own favorite!
  • For $225, you’ll get the signed/inscribed hardbound novel, plus the e-book, plus a custom Medium Large strip on the subject of your choice (so long as it isn’t politics or pornography). Seriously, tell Ces what to draw and write, and he’ll do it!

Those of you who are thinking “But Joooosh I already bought your stupid book and now I want this, it’s not fair, I don’t want to buy it twice” fear not! If you would like one of these Medium Large strips for yourself or a friend, you can go to the Kickstarter campaign and click “Manage your pledge” (in the blue box just above the list of rewards). Then you can change your sponsorship amount and pick a new reward.

There will only be three of these rewards apiece! So you should probably act quickly if you want one. Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for sponsoring me if you’ve sponsored me. Now back to comics! (And by “now” I mean “tomorrow morning,” sorry, you will have to look at this for the remainder of the afternoon.)