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Enjoy it! It’s the week’s best comment, after all!

“I’m not saying you should use ‘Yakety Sax’ to score today’s Mary Worth, I’m just saying no dramatic tension is lost by doing so.” –Irrischano

And enjoy these runners up too!

“If ice cream cones are $5, that’s probably a $20 hot dog the seagull is making off with.” –Matthew

’Skeetos sounds like a snack chip. Warning: contains insects and possibly human blood.” –nescio

Today’s Mary Worth should win a prize for the least erotic mixed pole-dancing entry, ever.” –Fraser

“Is Spider-Man considered a last responder?” –Dood

“This shipwreck is Wilbur’s fault, because he decided to sample fresh Italian vegetables and exotic fish dishes. You’ve angered the Sandwich Gods, Wilbur, and now you must face their oven-toasted wrath!” –Perky Bird

“‘Sam, do you like baseball?’ ‘Yeah, I think we own the Arizona Diamondbacks and maybe the Orioles.'” –Doctor Handsome

“I have no idea what is going on in Rex’s life these days, but judging from that unique ceiling tile, I would guess that he’s talking on a cell phone to a man standing on the other side of the room he’s in. Why, you might ask? Because talking face-to-face is what poor people do.” –pugfuggly

“Lu Ann is taken to her happy place. ‘Pale blue walls, mustard colored trim. Yes! This feels so right.'” –Kwazzymodo

“I see the pendulum in Apartment 3-G has swung from ‘mind-bogglingly insane’ to ‘incomprehensibly dull.'” –TheDiva

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