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Hello all! Before we get to today’s COTW, I want to draw your attention to a sad — but possibly interesting — development in the comics world. Cow and Boy is a relatively new (i.e., it has not existed since the Eisenhower administration) syndicated strip by Mark Leiknes that I know many of you like. Unfortunately, what with the newspaper industry dying and all, it’s hard for newer strips to find their footing in syndication, and it will stop its newspaper run at the end of this year. Leiknes is trying to transition to a webcomic, and is looking for reader pledges/subscriptions to keep it afloat — $12 bucks a year for access is what he’s asking. I do think the future of comics is online, and I think the folks who got their start in newspapers but didn’t hit critical mass will be in the toughest position as that future unfolds, so I’m pleased to see someone making a go of it and experimenting with a business model instead of just closing up shop. If you like the strip, check it out!

OK, with that out of the way … here’s your comment of the week!

“PJ needs a forehead immensely more than he needs a hug.” –Izzy

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Hmmm, I need the reader to feel even more self-hating and misanthropic when Dawn makes Jim feel like complete shit. But how? I know! I’ll draw a big stupid arrow pointing at his tears!” –sporknpork

“Is that what Cherry is doing in the first panel? Flinching? Because it looks more like she ate some bad mushrooms on her walk.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“A million spiders per acre — Mark Trail freak out fact for the day. Oh, I’m sorry. I meant millionS. Millions lying in wait as you are standing still in an empty field. Enjoy Nature, folks!” –ScienceGiant

“Slylock is just covering for Max who obviously popped all the balloons by focusing the sun’s heat on to them. Look, he is still finishing one off now!” –Optimus Prime Rib

With me it’s visible … like my missing arm … which is exactly the opposite of ‘visible’ … ha ha … but seriously, speaking about sensory assaults, what’s with the haircut?” –Hibbleton

“‘The joke’s on you, Clown-9! This isn’t a regular joy buzzer, it’s a joy buzzer that infects you with anthrax! And those aren’t spectators, they’re plainclothes SWAT! But they’re not firing regular bullets at you! No sir! They’re firing bullets that were purchased using money from your checking account! And I don’t know why I’m still explaining stuff to you, seeing as you’ve been dead for nearly a minute!’ The End.” –Steve

“‘Working hard or hardly working’ was never a serious question, Loretta. It’s just boilerplate wordplay that people who are already dead inside use at their horrible jobs to pass the time until they go home to their horrible spouses. Way to suck the fun out of it.” –Doctor Handsome

Morning sickness? Check. Protuberant belly? Check. Virgin insemination? Check. Little Jeffy is with child to keep the Keane line flourishing! Allelieu!” –Greg

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