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Hope your are enjoying your weekend so far, all! Here, enjoy this comment of the week:

“Archie’s core audience is so old that they remember when literacy was the norm.” –Droopy Says

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Wow, a hot young naked blonde with such bad daddy issues that she actually sings about them? When June isn’t looking, Rex is gonna get all over that! (By which I mean, of course, he’ll grumpily demand that she leave the premises.)” –BigTed

“Is that kid leaking oil in panel 3 of Gil Thorp? That helps explain the cross-cultural parenting styles, at least. Americans have perfected the ‘teenager’ through robotic engineering! USA! USA!” –Greg

“And when I say ‘this helmet’ I mean, of course, ‘that helmet.’ I’ve taken so many rocks to the head already I’ve lost the ability to properly use demonstrative adjectives.” –DaveyK

“Say, Mr. F, you ever notice how me and your drunk neighbor look basically identical? I mean, to the point where his wife might not even notice if he were, say, crushed into a tiny cube and buried deep in a landfill, while a deservingly hard-working blue-collar joe took over his life and identity? Not that I’d try anything like that, of course … Is she hot?” –damanoid

“Dawn, don’t go searching for yourself. We know you and you won’t like what you find.” –Honey Badger, Does not give a shit

“That band-aid on his left cheek indicates that Billy’s attackers let up for a little while and gave him some basic medical attention before resuming their vicious beatdown, most likely to prolong his suffering (and thus their amusement). Still, that he kicked his assailants in the nuts so many times that his left foot is so swollen that it no longer fits its shoe (yet he walks on it without seeming difficulty) is a testament to Billy’s fighting spirit. I can’t help but feel admiration for all parties to this fray.” –Ray Sharky

“To be fair to Hi and Lois, even if I worked in newspapers, I wouldn’t actually read one.” –AndyL

Greg, man of a thousand slightly different noses.” –Holly Folly

“I’m more worried about Archie’s double black armbands than I am about his illiteracy. Mrs. Grundy is cruelly neglecting Archie’s grief, and even his classmates are laughing at him. Archie tries to smile, but the tears still flow. Well, shoot out of his ears, anyway.” –The Grim Spectre of Food

“Ha! It’s funny because God no longer has a defined benefit pension either!” –Nekrotzar

“I’m pretty sure 65 bucks for all the steak Jughead can eat is the deal of the fucking century.” –Doctor Handsome

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