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Herb and Jamaal, 10/3/12

Oh, Herb, you were doing so well with this analogy for a panel or so — yes, “endorse” could mean “lend credence to” when talking about a rumor! — but then I’m afraid you’ve just spun out of semantic range, since it’s not clear at all what it would mean to “cash” a rumor. Presumably if there were more panels we’d see him musing about how you should always be suspicious of rumors without built-in watermarking features, and that you can now log in to your bank and see scans of cancelled rumors rather than having them mailed back to you with your statements, etc. I was going to say that, since this misguided metaphor is playing out in thought balloon form, Herb at least won’t embarrass himself in front of his customer, but then I remembered that he ran away from the guy with his fingers in his ears shouting “NO, NO, NO! DON’T TELL ME!”

Ziggy, 10/3/12

Ziggy’s dentist is about hit him in the face with an enormous hammer.