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Everybody, I hope you enjoy your weekend. (And, NYC/NJ/other Sandy-affected folks: I hope your life is becoming somewhat more normal!) We send you off on Friday with our traditional Friday comment of the week:

“OK, this definitely isn’t the school bus. Doesn’t Archie own a jalopy? And isn’t Riverdale the caucasianest place in America? Why the hell are they on a city bus somewhere that has foreign-language newspapers? SPOILER ALERT: NARCOTICS.” –Doctor Handsome

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Also the implication that the patriarchy that is the Keane compound would allow Dolly to dress as a main character from a very female-centric movie like Brave rings totally false. I’d expect her to be dressed as Alice from the Brady Bunch, or maybe a mop.” –Aitherion

“‘Alright, Margo, we have to reshoot the whole scene. I mean, every single extra was looking at the camera the whole time.’ ‘Margo doesn’t do two takes.’ ‘But I think one of those extras was eating! And they all somehow put on turtlenecks when we transitioned over to camera 2.’ ‘No two takes! Margo will be in her trailer.'” –bunivasal

“I want to add ‘…as in exotic?’ every time somebody tells me what they do for a living now.” –Matt

“How could you say that anyone really looks like Dawn? Every time she turns around her body morphs into some new shape. Hells, between panels one and two she dropped two hat sizes and grew a neck.” –pugfuggly

“Oh, Dawn, everything’s okay, so long as it catches you a man. Now let’s bake another pan of Invisible Nothing.” –Patrick

“After I slash and dismember some college kids who happen to stumble in the woods up here, I’m going to lead my aerobics class! Hence my head and arm bands. Now, everyone, let’s stretch!!” –Greg

“Do you think if I dumped this cup of flour over my head, it would make me look sufficiently dead that Jim would be even more interested?” –Pozzo

Beech Street Rules: 1. It’s OK to talk about the Beech Street Rules, but do so quietly 2. It doesn’t go to the beach, so no bikinis 3. You’d think it would be tree-lined, but it’s not, so no chainsaws 4. unless you’re juggling” –Bill Murray

“Of course actual humans don’t say ‘We humans.’ And neither will Dawn, once she presses her awkwardly-placed reset button.” –Droopy Says

Good morning, Margo. What a lovely day! You just caught me screwing on a fresh new hand, since I wore the last one down to the nub on you… Shall I massage your temples, Margo? First, I was thinking of sliding it gently up your nose, like this.” –sporknpork

Plus, another one that was just a bit too long for consideration but still worth of your time comes from bourbon babe, unbuckled, who knows how the college-aged really talk.

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