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Your comment of the week is hopefully all you’d hoped and dreamed:

“I always assumed that ‘How are the otters today’ was one of those greetings men make to one another when women are not present.” –Lumaca Morente

Your runners up are also very hilarious:

“WHAT is going on with Lu Ann’s hair in panel 2? It looks like her wig is wearing a wig.” –Herr Komerad Kommissar Denny

“Notice the little twirl the ice-cream-truck guy gave that fudgcicle. I think this is less a knighting and more some sort of bizarre induction ritual into the International Fraternal Order of Faceless Monstrosities.” –Drewbear

“Charlemagne’s decision to have the Pope coronate him established the Vatican as a major political player for the next 700 years. Today’s Heathcliff is far more disturbing.” –Nekrotzar

“…I found where they printed his expiration date. I also found his bar code. They’re pricing him at $2.99 a pound! The Earth is just a farm, and we’re just livestock! So, anyway, I’m fattening him up for the kill. Maybe I can make a little money off this, ya’know?” –Voshkod

“The otters are doing fine. More than fine. As you’ll see, they are now each four feet tall and gazing around with their new, horrible skull faces at the corrupt world that once dared to hurt them. Someday they will descend on society, leaving bloody destruction in their wake, disemboweling anyone who has the gall to invite someone on a fishing trip knowing full well they are going to back out of it like a flaky, emotionally distant son of a … I’m sorry, what was the question again? Right. Otters. Doing great.” –Tophat

“Hello, Mr. McKay, thank you for coming to court today. Quick question though, is your suit actually a cylindrical robot torso painted to look like a suit? Its just always good to know if we’re dealing with a robo-lawyer in the courtroom.” –Chareth Cutestory

“Is ‘Professor Herb’ a recurring character in Gasoline Alley, or did he and his botany lab magically appear in answer to Slim’s parsley crisis? Maybe this is all a dream Slim is having, where all his neighbors are unsettlingly evocative of food items, and then Slim eats them.” –damanoid

“Sadly, grandpa plugger has to get his weathergirl jollies from his old 19-inch TV, which, ironically, is balanced on top of the high-def big screen in a magnificent wooden cabinet that his adult children bought him, but that he’s too proud to admit he can’t figure out how to turn on.” –BigTed

Funky Winkerbean: “He was going to take us all on; me, a nerd with sideburns, my lame-ass wife, and his pregnant-looking, afro-having girlfriend. I have no proof of this, plus I’m a million years old and Frank will undoubtedly deny the whole thing and still go on with that horrible reality show that no network will ever buy, anyway. Welp. Can I have those graham crackers you promised me, please?” –notmydesk

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