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Many of you (in USA America) are enjoying a four-day weekend courtesy of our Nation’s Founders, but I will continue to toil and bring you your comment of the week.

“Today’s Judge Parker looks like an acting exercise on how not to use your hands in scene work.” –sporknpork

And also: your hilarious runners up:

“Yes, a printer for all the copies of my screenplay that I will need to print out. Do you have an inkjet, I need something fast! Also, a fax machine! Gonna need to send AND receive a lot of faxes. Ah, it feels good to get out of retirement and back to work, it’s like I never left.” –Calvin’s Cardboard Box

“If you have some serious writing to do, trust me you do not need Wi-Fi.” –Uncle Lumpy

“pleasebedragpleasebedragpleasebedrag” –C. Sandy Cyst

“See, I think the most logical explanation is that Marylou’s shacked up with a robot but is too ashamed to admit it.” –Herr Komerad Kommissar Denny

“When Stanley says he put his credit card number in the wrong spot, he means he put it into every spot, right? Dude really loves his credit card number, it’s just so fun to type and to say.” –Danonymous

“Of all the psycho shit that has gone on in this barely coherent storyline so far, Dick Tracy has saved the biggest whack attack for last: the Moon Maiden is going to Wisconsin.” –The Rt. Venerable Pasdordan

“Since there’s no text on that screen, I can only assume that Mary thinks in promotional-website speak.” –bourbon babe, unbuckled

“This place really has combined spirituality and fitness. Note the man standing on the diving board in a crucifixion pose.” –Joe Blevins

“I assumed from the first panel that ‘The Mauler’ was a media name for a serial killer. ‘Your dad was the Mauler? The guy who killed all those nuns? Small world! How’s he doing these days? Run out of appeals, huh?'” –pugfuggly

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