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Pardon the brief interruption, but: BALTIMORE PEOPLE AND PEOPLE WHO CAN DRIVE TO BALTIMORE! Rifftrax’s Conor Lastowka and I will be co-hosting a LIVE COMEDY EVENT on Sunday, February 16th, at the 14Karat Cabaret in downtown Baltimore, and it seemed like the sort of thing you might want to know about! We will be reading the Internet aloud (not all of it, don’t worry, just the good parts). Featuring an evening of readings and performances:

  • SCOTT BECKETT plays Hollywood executive who only listens to movie pitches based on the film’s Wikipedia page
  • BARBARA WILGUS and VALARIE PEREZ-SCHERE channel their own robot avatars.
  • RAHNE ALEXANDER reveals top-secret emails sent to elite Hollywood insiders by a very special visionary.
  • CONOR LASTOWKA shares terrible wartime tales from within the WikiFur community.
  • ISAAC HIRSCH confronts the most harrowing person you can meet on the Internet: himself, age 10!
  • LYNDA DEL GENIS tries to provide comfort to the saddest Yelp reviewers.
  • APRIL PINK looks at the prospects on OkCupid and is thankful that she’s married.
  • JOSH FRUHLINGER plumbs the depths of Craigslist Personals and asks: Who is this for, exactly?

AND MORE ACTS AS WELL, almost certainly! Plus some almost certain shameless promotion for [Citation Needed], which Conor and I wrote! Don’t miss it! It’s President’s Day Weekend, and so this is clearly how Secret Internet President Al Gore would’ve wanted you to celebrate. Here is the Facebook event, if you like those.

Also, in non-Internet-reading-aloud but in still Josh-creative-work news, I wrote an article on Medium about Mormons, my wife’s family, and some land we now all own in Southern Alberta. Not as silly as most of what I put up here but I hope you enjoy!