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This is yet another reminder to Baltimore-regional folk that your have the unique opportunity to see hilarious live acts based on the Internet, the very Internet on which you’re reading this text! On this coming Sunday, February 16! In downtown Baltimore! Hosted by me, Comics Curmudgeon Josh Fruhlinger, plus Rifftrax’s Conor Lastowka! Hilarity includes:

  • Wikipedia movie pitch madness
  • Robotic status updates gone mad
  • Secret emails that only Hollywood insiders receive
  • WikiFur drama
  • Children arguing with adults
  • People who you don’t want to date even though they want to date you
  • Craigslist polymorphous perversity
  • Improvised riffing on ALL of the above
  • The glory and pageantry of CAT MASSAGE
  • Plus a [Citation Needed] giveaway, and also an opportunity for us to “give away” the book to you, in exchange for money, so it’s really more “selling” the book, but wouldn’t that be fun, and we’ll even sign it for you?

Anyway, you should come, here’s the Facebook event, etc.

And if you’re wondering, “How can I find out about Josh-related performances like this if I forget to check out the Comics Curmudgeon”: well, I don’t want to be all trendy, but you might want to follow Josh on the social media whosit of your choice: