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It is Friday, and therefore time for your comment of the week!

Today’s Mark Trail really captures why the Victorian explorers called Africa ‘the Bright Continent.’ As Livingstone wrote in his journals, as he travelled up the River Zambezi into the heart of whiteness: ‘All around us, scorching white light. So bright, it washes away the background. People just feet away seem little more than colorless shadows.'” –Voshkod

And your very funny runners up!

“Ha, Billy *did* include ‘DISA POINT’, eerily foreshadowing our reactions.” –grayangora

“Loretta feels nothing but terror at Leroy’s desire to become a Vulcan. Having to have sex with him every seven years would be far too frequent.” –Christopher

‘Is she for real?’ That’s a rather mild reaction to being confronted with your palette-swapped doppelgänger, but Apartment 3-G is all about the mild reactions.” –TheDiva

“Is Happiness Falls an Old Order Mennonite community? I’m wondering if that might explain why Jack rode off on a horse (without a cell phone) and no woman in town ever bares any neckline below her clavicle. God willing, the next storyline will send Margo to South Padre Island.” –Oregonian

“Well, the full-front mugshot is taken care of. Now for a profile shot, and then the cops will be all prepared once Sarah’s inevitable serial killing spree is launched.” –dmsilev

“Greetings, little girl. I am not an angel. I am a fairy! See how I wave! I am the Heroin Fairy and I was on my way to Tommy’s room when I walked into yours by accident! I guess that’s why they say you shouldn’t sample your own sales, huh? Ha-Ha! But seriously little girl, I couldn’t help noticing that you bear a strong resemblance to a tween Rosie O’Donnell. Sturdy with a good constitution! And I hear your going back to New York City soon, So how would you like to be the Heroin Fairy’s special ‘drug mule’ — I mean ‘helper’. How many balloons do you think you can swallow comfortably?” –gelded wildebeeste

“I love how unabashedly, psychotically enthusiastic Olive is about receiving direct contact with a literal agent of the divine. In the the Bible, angels generally preface their appearances with some variant of ‘Be Not Afraid…’, presumably because a being formed from pure holy radiance is pretty damn scary. But Olive just looks at the inexplicably grandmotherly visage suffused with God’s glory (she imagines the divine in Mary’s image?) with the same expression of generic excitement she directed at the flower fairies, the ripples of the Charterstone pool, and Mary’s unidentifiable contribution to the potluck. What I’m saying is that we’re actually dealing with a Rex Morgan storyline about the dangers of over-medicating kids.” –Master Softheart

“Oh, right. Like the Queen of Hurleyburg would reign in a little black cocktail dress and heels. That is so unrealistic: everyone knows that get-up is only for a secretary on a military base.” –Dr. Mabuse

“If you want your team to have better pitching strength, you should add the knuckleball to your bag of tricks. Having trouble perfecting the knuckleball? Try removing a finger or two so you have a large knuckle stump like the kid in panel two.” –Chareth Cutestory

“OK, what the fuck am I looking at in panel one of today’s Mary Worth? It looks like the goateed dad is the subject of a modern Salvador Dali surrealist project, in Dali’s common theme of sleep and unconsciousness. He holds the cup unknowingly to his lips, with no hands; even in his waking hours, he is only present in a crude state of physical flesh, without mentally being present. Truly a metaphor for all of us who slog through the endless repetition of 9-5 white collar work.” –HAnzMFG

‘Uncle Cosmo, what was life like back before television?’ ‘Cant … talk … now … watching … butter.'” –Red Greenback

“The angel also warned me not to run with scissors, and that I should update my vaccinations before the next school year. He was kind of a drag, actually.” –pugfuggly

“Flower fairies? Sure. Big-ass Angel O’Premonition? You bet. But if Wilbur Weston saves this girl from drowning I am done with this strip. Suspension of disbelief is great, but there is a line.” –Uncle Lumpy

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