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Hello all! Your comment of the week momentarily, but first: I wrote a slideshow for ITworld about so-called “middle skills” tech jobs that don’t require a four-year degree but still pay well. Check it out, won’t you?

Oh, and here’s the promised comment of the week:

“I swear, the only thing that explains why everyone in this strip persists in behaving like nonsensical idiots, even certified ‘geniuses’ like Doc Ock, is that they are all severely concussed all the time, which actually makes sense given the beatings these guys regularly give and take. In fact, newspaper Spider-Man is probably the most realistic superhero comic out there when it comes to portraying personal and social costs of large numbers of super-powered people people putting on masks and punching each other in the head for fun and profit.” –Voyage of the Oversnark

And the very hilarious runners up!

Judge Parker: “Don’t worry, Sam. The mud hole has read The Chambers Affair and is a big fan of Alan Parker’s work. It would never dream of allowing any associate of Alan Parker to fall into it, so as his attorney you will be perfectly safe.” –Ratiocinator

“Seriously, though, everyone is treating this as if it’s a harrowing tale of horror. I want to know if being a sentient fungus is more or less pleasant than being a human. It might be rather peaceful.” –Lawzlo

“You know what? That’s Heathcliff acting recognizably like a cat. I’ll take it.” –C. Sandy Cyst

I have my ways. Offering to pay more money or letting them do whatever they want my body. So, really just two ways.” –Chareth Cutestory

“So what kind of human ancestor is that? Indonesian Hobbit men? Or does B.C. look back into the evolutionary history of other, now ancient comics? Is this Cro-Momma?” –sporknpork

“I for one welcome the prospect of Mary Worth exploring the sensitive, difficult topic of how gonorrhea spreads among senior citizens. (It climbs down from the wall and enters the body through balding scalps, mustaches and the fingers of the left hand.)” –pastordan

Re: Apartment 3-G’s restaurant-apartment confusion: “When has this strip ever looked like anything?” –Ned Ryerson

“Is it also worth pointing out that Margo hasn’t had on-screen ‘work to do’ for several years? She should just start miming out typing motions and saying, ‘work work work work!'” –Dan

“I say, keep on harping, Josh. This folie a deux hallucination is the best thing to happen to A3G in years. I’m imagining the two of them standing there, completely oblivious there’s not a table below them, and what we can’t see below the panels are the numerous dropped plates and spilled wine glasses, brought as props necessary to never break the madness, but repeatedly dropped through the non-table.” –Brady

“Margo is able to infer from her dad’s cadence and facial expression that his news is meant to be surprising. ‘I should probably react in some way,’ she thinks, her face a blank and inexpressive mask. ‘How do other humans respond to surprising news that isn’t being delivered by me, and is therefore uninteresting?’ After a moment’s consideration, she settles on ‘Gasp…’, barely avoiding the interrogative lift at the end that would have turned it into ‘Gasp…?'” –wonkeythemonkey

“I think somebody is angling for a little corporate sponsorship. ‘I’m kinda hungry, and what better pick-me-up than a Snickers brand candy snack?’ Horrified, the M&M Mars conglomeration will sue them out of existence, finally.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“Mark looks positively excited in panel 1. I assume he’s been quietly sitting there praying for his own death as Cherry prattles on mindlessly about human things, but now — All right! She’s leaving! Now to go make some nice square boxes of bubbles in the water!” –Cthulhu Gnu

“I like to think the cop in the last panel has is elbow leaning against a wall and is playing with his hair, trying to act coy and cute in order to flirt with Spiderman. ‘So, you say we should lock these guys up. Well, you are my super hero.'” –Joe Momma

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