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Are you ready for the weekend and your comment of the week? I hope you are! Here it is!

“The best thing about today’s Judge Parker is Panel 2, where Neddy stretches her incredibly long, slender, and smooth patrician neck out to almost its full 15-inch length. Marie looks at that neck as she thinks about the French Revolution, and she smiles.” –seismic-2

And here are some hilarious runners up, please enjoy them as well!

“My Little Hilbilly: Inbreeding is Magic” –C. Sandy Cyst

“Les actually forgot to get the license when he married Lisa, once she was mostly recovered after being caught in a post office bombing set by a right-wing terrorist. His student Susan Smith saved his hash by intervening with her father the judge. The family thought they owed him one because he saved Susan’s life after she attempted suicide in despair over the fact that Les loved Lisa, and not her. Efforts to turn this all into a musical comedy have so far been unsatisfying.” –jasper jinx

Purty girls like me, Snuffy! I mean, like. Since I’m three feet tall and dress in outdated formalwear, most gals just assume I have magic powers and have been summoned forth to grant ’em three wishes. It’s a notion I don’t immediately dispel.” –Joe Blevins

“Babies come from beavers, right? I really am pretty sure that’s how it works.” –agony

Heathcliff ladies, you have no right to judge other people’s life choices when you’ve worn a formal business skirt with matching blazer to the beach. I guess you never know when a power lunch will break out and you’ve got to be prepared.” –Escape Zeppelin

“You know for a kid named Rusty, your jaw doesn’t seem to very locked.” –Hugo Drax, Jr., on Twitter

“A whole family of babies would be a disaster waiting to happen. I doubt they would last an hour.” –Felix Gilman, on Twitter

“They’ve brought an ottoman to the beach. Bods or not, their dad status is assured.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

‘Where’s Margo?’ ‘As usual, she’s at work. By which I mean, this exact same room, but presumably somewhere else.'” –Jack loves comics

“Ha ha, rich ambitious people like Neddy don’t waste their time getting ‘degrees’ or ‘credentials’ before putting their plans into practice! The Parker family motto is ‘Those who can do, those who can’t learn’ (followed by a condescending guffaw and a swirl of a martini).” –pugfuggly

“Of course Neddy Parker has a Master’s in Structural Engineering. Hell, it takes that and her Doctorate in Differential Geometry to put on her bra each morning without a sexy, sexy disaster.” –Voshkod

“Can we reflect for a moment on the fact that the title character of the strip is so bored by it that he refuses to participate? They tried to get him involved with the Sarah plot and he just ignored it and now they try to tempt him with the B plot involving reorganizing the office and he just walks away. Nope! I’ll be in my office drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.” –aphthakid

“Given a lack of a ‘Thunk’ or ‘Thwack’ in that third panel, I think we now know the answer to the question, ‘If a tree falls in the woods and only Rusty is conscious to hear it, does it make a sound?’ No. No, it does not.” –Comrade Dread

“One can only wonder about what direction this strip, and indeed 20th century society itself, would have taken if only, instead of gluttony and sandwiches stacked like skyscrapers, Dagwood’s amusing personal weakness had been boning a constant and ever-changing parade of canines that passed through the strip. At the very least, Dagwood Dogfucker would have been a catchier name than Blondie.” –cheech wizard

“You know, we’ve always assumed that the Great Animal Revolution was a violent uprising, but what if it were something more subversive? What if animals and humans lived peacefully together before Slylock decided to shift evolution in his favor at the ground floor? What we’re witnessing is the last peaceful act of Nobel Laureate Weirdly before his timeline is irrevocably rewritten.” –TheDiva

“Forget the cab driver series. The spin-off I want to see is Pedestrian Thor, in which the hero wanders around the city, looking at street performers and eating churros from carts and explaining to anyone who looks at him sideways, ‘Hammer’s on the fritz.’” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

I’m yer man! Unless these two thwipp down a one way street, then we’re fucked.” –Hogenmogen

“Sunday strip: the science behind the heartbreak of Swimmer’s Ear.” –lumaca morente

“‘Amnesia, huh? Well the important thing is that you’re okay … biological dad.’ That would actually be pretty tame as wacky schemes go, but we gotta set expectations at ‘Rusty.'” –Dan

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