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Let’s waste no time and get right to the COTW!

“One can almost hear the white-furred man-beast’s laments as it struggles to comprehend its situation. Whether it’s the loud alarmed bleat of the second panel, the rapid series of uncomprehending grunts in the third as it smooths its fur, or the distraught bellowing cry of the final, this truly is a natural spectacle as engrossing as it is disturbing.” –G’Quan

The other top comments were also very funny!

This is just ‘platform sharing’ the way auto makers use a single chassis, like the ‘K Cars’ of the 80s, to create a line of multiple vehicles. In this way MacNelly can share the frame of ‘cranky-ass-old-people-complaints’ to produce both the Pluggers and Shoe lines of emotionally entropic dissatisfied humanoid-animal entertainment products.” –James Dowd, on Facebook

“Wow, Mary’s going to bring together a couple who actually did overreact to a small-ish fight, instead of trying to repair the relationship between a stalker and his target or an emotionally abusive alcoholic and her husband who’s been sober ever since he left her or two people who each have a small bomb planted under their skin that will explode if they get within 1 foot of each other. Is this the sign of a new Mary, a Mary who, instead of exercising good judgment, is just thrown softballs by the writers?” –Alex Blaze

“To add realism to this plot point, the reason Neddie and Whats-Her-Face knew the family was coming home early was because the RV park called to inform them they were giving them more free money. You have to admire Judge Parker’s dedication to internal consistency.” –BurtusJ

“Mary will of course use verbalizations of her little PSA’s as in panel one to exact a terrible revenge on Toby. ‘For a fresh, clean scent sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming.’ ‘Remember to wash guests’ sheets in hot water every day!’ ‘Potpourri makes an excellent cover-up for the stench of failure and half-baked artistic visions.’ ‘Salmon is the perfect color for food. ALL FOOD MUST BE SALMON.'” –pastordan

And so it begins. Les will soon discover a myriad of digital ways to keep Lisa’s memory alive: web pages, blogs, Facebook memorial pages, YouTube, Twitter accounts, etc. The Internet will be awash with links with video clips announcing ‘At 10 seconds I smiled, at 30 seconds I began to weep. You will not believe what happened at 60 seconds! It will break your heart!’ Think of the joy it will give Les knowing that he can spread Lisa’s misery virally and on a global scale.” –Joe Momma

“You can TRY to keep your doorknob clean and nice, but most of them wear out after 6-9 months, and you just have to replace them. It’s what Big Doorknob wants — they call it ‘planned obsolescence.'” –Red Delicious

“So you deliberately phrase a question into an unnaturally passive voice, and then think the punchline? Come on, woman; commit to the premise. ‘You see, what I’m getting at, is that she sniffs her own shit and eats vomit. She humps strangers and is easily distracted by noises. Just like a Greyhound bus. Your mother. I’m talking about your mother.'” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“Wait, are they having a wine and casserole supper? Let me take an inventory here. No plates, no silverware, just a bottle of wine, three glasses, a casserole dish, and at least one napkin. Is that how rich people live?” –Joe Blevins

“I had assumed that Les had already transcribed all of the ‘Immortal Lisa Tapes’ onto a solid gold disc and had it launched on a spacecraft destined for the center of the galaxy so that Lisa will still exist long after the sun has collapsed on itself. Someday, far, far in the future an alien race will discover this treasure trove and catch cancer from it.” –Mikey

“You can have that pearl of wisdom and 49 more, in Ed Koans: Philosophical Musings of the Angry and Senile.” –pugfuggly

“I can’t believe he threw the money card at me, Mary! As you so helpfully point out to me on a daily basis, I have a thousand other glaring personal flaws! You’re the only one who really gets me.” –Doctor Handsome

Mr. Wilson made his money the old-fashioned way. Sure, he underbid us and took the job we should have had, but as long as we don’t have to pay for this ice cream ourselves why should we give a shit?” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

Judge Parker: “Neddy is about to learn the same lesson that Napoleon was taught at Aspern-Essling in 1809. Don’t underestimate the difficulty involved when making plans involving a Danube.” –Calvin’s Cardboard Box

“Ken needed a special suit outfitted with a dorsal fin to protect his beautacious pony tail. Always protect the pony tail.” –Tonya

“Momma looks off … I think because Momma and Mary Lou are the exact same height and I didn’t recognize Momma without her hat. It would indeed be a tragedy for Momma to grow out of her dwarfism, only to die days later.” –DimensionalOtter

“[Panel one] is exactly what someone says when they are about to break into a song and dance number. ‘It’s SHOWTIME!!!'” –Tigernan Douglas Quinn, on Facebook

“So few wear pince-nez eyeglasses without a cape. Bold fashion move, HL.” –Dennis Jimenez

“Evidently, she embezzled all the furniture.” –Pozzo

“Yeah, remember all those ‘10 People You Hate to Work With’ listicles that mention the Embezzler? Some people make every meeting about them, and some people steal hundreds of thousands of dollars, am I right? Better hope your boss isn’t the Wrecker of Global Economy!” –Steve S

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