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“If the Gil Thorp team put as much energy into creating a compelling plot line as they do into rendering realistic carbonator guns I might give this strip more than a passing glance.” –Tonya


In other ways she’s far more advanced than many of us! For one thing, she hasn’t existed in bloodless stasis since nineteen fucking thirty-eight!” –Doctor Handsome

In other ways she’s far more advanced than many of us! Then again, she did almost die in the most easily avoidable way possible, even after her tummy powers tried to give her a warning, so maybe it all evens out.” –pugfuggly

“Spidey’s natural first reaction to a dying child is to ask, ‘Is this a stunt?’ because having heightened ‘spider senses’ turns you into a giant asshole.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Those are the only two reality shows I can name, for some reason. It’s almost as if I only have the broadest and loosest understanding of the genre.” –TheDiva

“I’m just hoping that A3G’s writer is openly making fun of the art now that the strip is ending so who cares. ‘Greg, is that you? I know you’re one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world who was recently dating my roommate, but you’re also so poorly drawn I can’t tell.’ The comma in panel 2 may have been added by the syndicate to take some of the bite out of Tommie saying ‘I see Greg’ as if she’s going to go through each of her senses to determine who this unidentified man is.” –Alex Blaze

“Look, Momma, I lied. I’m not working in an office building that only has stairs to keep the employees fit. That would be illegal, much like what I actually do. I deal drugs; not the popular ones, sadly. All I can afford is this chair.” –rbmalpha

“When they get around to presenting the ‘For Les’ easter egg transferred-to-DVD, the first line is going to be, ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE, LES, NEVER CUT DOWN THE TREE, OR I’LL BE CONSIGNED TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL!!!’ Les will masturbate to it nonetheless.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“At least when Jay Leno used to read funny newspaper headlines, he read more than one at a time.” –Peanut Gallery

“So what’s the blocked-out letter behind Badass Jetski/ATV Guy? Is it a V? BLVDDK? Sure, why not.” –Pat Ferruzza, on Facebook

“Travel tip: When packing for a trip, consider using a single color scheme to save space and time. Lavender/purple co-ordinates work well for all seasons, don’t show stains, and are easily accessorized with souvenir scarves.” –Arabella

“The most amusing thing about today’s strip is seeing the back of Mary’s head, reflected in the mirror. At least I hope that’s the back of her head, because if it isn’t, then Wilbur Weston is somewhere in the room wearing white pants and bending over.” –seismic-2

Where did he go, Tommie? The horse-demon who stole your face and replaced it with his own?” –G’Quan

“Ha, a true plugger would realize that if your primary concern is carrying weight, the best option is pure grain alcohol and an envelope of powdered Kool-Aid mix.” –Steve S

“‘And how did your husband die, ma’am?’ ‘Well, he was … he was trying to, uh … It was a hooker. He was shot and killed by a hooker while negotiating the price of a sex act. That’s how it happened.’ –The kind of stories pluggers have to tell to avoid embarrassment” –Joe Blevins

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