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A quick note on the fundraiser that just passed: yesterday I put all the tote bags in the mail, so you should be getting yours soon, if you asked for one! If you gave more than $25 but never got an email from me with the link to the page where you can tell me that you want a tote bag and where I should send said tote bag, let me know!

And now without any further ado, here is your comment of the week!

“In Dawn’s defense, I think Wilbur’s attempts to use a smartphone would be pretty hilarious. I would follow the hell out of his Instagram account, @sad-wiches.” –Dan

And here are your hilarious runners up!

‘There are lots of new mirrors … everywhere.’ Neddy isn’t looking sadly uncomfortable because of the sexual implication, it’s because she only has one fucking mirror in her bedroom in which to admire her breathtaking visage, and it’s not fair.” –tb4000

“Another example of the Mammal Supremacy mindset. The pets for sale are all birds, reptiles, and fish. Come the revolution, that warm blood will flow in the streets!” –Ukulele Ike

Of course, I’m biased… I love cows! Their big noses, their soft eyes, those funny swinging udders. Anyhow, you say that this cow is going to put your dad in jail?” –pugfuggly

“Ha-ha, isn’t their unhealthy, mutually destructive relationship crazy? Anyway, I got to go; text me if someone gives us money.” –TheDiva

Rocky and Godiva’s argument is over as quickly as it started (argument began June 4th, 1998, and again on June 7th for Sunday only readers).” –Dragon of Life

No, I will not trade husbands! The same rental agreement applies as always, $100 an hour and $150 if he wears the policeman’s uniform.” –Little Blue Bicycle

“This is one of those strips that could go on for a few more panels. ‘Yeah. Beeper. Good one. So, uh … who do think’s calling him? His wife … or widow now, I guess? I bet it’s his widow. Crock?'” –Joe Blevins

“What’s menacing is that Mister Wilson can’t recognize performance art when he sees it. Dennis has been spraying water in the air for an hour now while Joey sits there, hammer hovering but never hitting, frozen in indecision. It’s a stark and bleak statement on public education, but wasted on that philistine.” –Voshkod

“I don’t trust the curriculum standards in Hootin’ Holler, especially not for a history test. They’re probably just word scrambles of slurs that fell out of favor sometime around 1880.” –Irrischano

“A thoughtful Mary Worth reads her own comic strip.” –Pak-Man

“The debate may make the front page, but the real story is how the Santa Royale economy is booming, based on the lengthy help-wanted section and depiction of new four-story live-work condo developments. If Dawn decides to leave school because of her no-sex scandal, surely there’s a job waiting for her at a company that makes high-tech fitness trackers and appreciates an employee who has experience doing yoga and has heard of parkour.” –BigTed

“Neddy had the dressmaker’s dummies sculpted in her image by the finest craftsmen. (They of course were willing to do it gratis, the pleasure of copying her perfect bosom its own reward.)” –Lacey Wooton, on Facebook

“OK! Time to sit down and draw panel one. Let’s see, ok, we need a computer monitor … big rectangle … (Oh, but I also need to focus on Neddy’s sweet gams…) Ahem! Yes, computer monitor … uhh, another rectangle. (Mmmm those sweet, sweet gams…) Rectangle!!” –Chareth Cutestory

“Also, why does the Snuffy Smith family have a framed postcard reproduction of a Barnett Newman lithograph? Did Snuffy wander into MOMA, thinking the name stood for ‘Market O’ More Alcohol?’” –SamECircle

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