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Guys, your comment of the week momentarily, but first, a link to an article I wrote for CSO, about why tech security folks should make friends with networking pros instead of getting mad at them! Can’t we all just get along?

We can all definitely get along with this week’s top comment:

“A ‘juggling act’ that only involves two items is almost as big a rip-off as getting life advice from Wilbur Weston.” –Doctor Handsome

The runners up are also very good:

“Soldiers normally have to go into battle before they get that look in their eyes. The Halftracks are the only people who’ve ever gotten PTSD just sitting on the couch.” –Frank B. Chavez III, on Facebook

This is a highly suspenseful strip. Mary has to use every subtle conversational hint she knows to convince Wilbur that it’s time to wrap up the conversation and leave her doorway. But she’s met her match in Wilbur, a man who normally has to be dragged away with a hook, vaudeville-style, before he ends a conversation. Who will win: the irresistible force or the immovable object?” –Joe Blevins

“Or maybe, Slylock, and I’m just spitballing here, but maybe no one should drink the creepy witch’s weird potion.” –Lorne

Wanda Witch claims her other magic potion grants immortality. Slylock asked Max Mouse to test the potion. Why is he a good candidate for testing?” –Chyron HR

“Wait … Mark Trail is going to investigate a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Wilbur is currently headed across the Pacific Ocean to investigate disasters. [sweeps papers off table] GET ME SOME THUMBTACKS AND RED YARN” –Dan

“If I were a plugger I would be drinking spot remover by the gallon.” –Tim Pendergast, on Facebook

“I want to believe the Mob is hoarding Sarah’s books and works for when they kill her. Artist who tragically dies young sells much better.” –Ettorre

“I just love to watch these kids getting clued in to the latest local Art Museum gossip. ‘So Randy, the security guard, porked Cindy, the parking lot attendant, in the Roman sarcophagus in Classical Antiquities! And those mummies on the third floor? Hollowed out and packed with cocaine!'” –Ukulele Ike

“‘Things are not always as they seem, as they say, the best-made plans can go awry. You can’t make a silk-purse out of a sow’s ear or have your cake and eat it too. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is worth two in the bush. Pop goes the weasel like the plague.’ Mary leaned back and chuckled. Wilbur was going to wish he’d stayed in Japan.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Give Mary some credit, it ain’t easy typing an advice column with no space bar.” –lumaca morente

“Useless as a knife at a tank fight, Spiderman still manages to make himself feel a bit better by taking a completely unnecessary dig at his wife. ‘Ha ha, she’s only got the proportional strength of a woman! Guys?'” –pugfuggly

We may need help with the heavier items, like ALL OF OUR FURNITURE.” –Myrtle

“I love how the realm of nightmares just constantly has spiders plastered onto the background. It’s an amazing shorthand for ‘this place is supposed to be supernaturally horrifying, made of the subconscious fears of all who live, but we don’t know how to draw anything clever like that. You’re scared of spiders, right?'” –Enlong

“Am I the only one who sees a possible Gasoline Alley/Slylock Fox crossover? ‘Count Weirdly brags that he just bought a rare coin from this bizarre-looking, easily excited human being. Slylock examines the coin and says Count Weirdly got cheated. What tipped him off?'” –Chrissy the Stooges Woman

“Dear Wendy, I’ve been through some hard times, but that’s drawn my Mom and me closer together. We now live in the same small apartment, we dress in complementary styles, and we get identical haircuts. We are now even planning on going into business together, and we have moved into a larger space so that we can work side-by-side all day without even leaving our apartment! Now, though, we need a name for our new enterprise. Do you think Tommy’s and Mommy’s is maybe a bit too cutesy-poo a name for a meth lab?” –seismic-2

“Is there any circumstance ever when ‘Deal’s Pawn Emporium, Home of Good Deals’ wouldn’t be a likely place to start? From Alexander Hamilton’s personal journal to a pistol with its serial number filed off, see Doug Deal — he’s dealin’!” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

There’s a dozen explanations! Maybe her phone died! Maybe she died! Maybe … no, on second thought I guess there’s really only two explanations.” –Shrug

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