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Omigosh I know it’s late in the day but here is your Comment! Of! The! Week!

“Most kids like to imagine themselves playing for the pros, but this is Milford, where you dream little.” –TheDiva

And your runners up! Hilarious and worth waiting for!

“What’s saddest here is how when Tommy was hooked on meth he could make his own supply. But with Vicodin he’s dependent on the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Main Street is dead, man.” –James Dowd, on Facebook

“What a difference a few lines make. In Panel 2, the gentle look of concern from Mister Pharmacist. In Panel 6, just by making the eyebrows bend down instead of up, and a few extra forehead wrinkles, it goes straight from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to Death Rays From Planet Pharmacist emitting from his face. I look forward to tomorrow’s strip, when a SWAT team of DEA agents will rappel down from the pharmacy’s ceiling.” –Bruce Arthurs

“Not a single blonde, redhead, or brunette. Goth Day at the beach is clearly going well.” –Molly Dolan, on Facebook

“Mom, you’re not thinking about the advantages here. We could start shitting in the front yard now.” –Joe Blevins

“Wait, he’s pointing at me! You mean … I’m Pelwecki? I was Pelwecki all along? Man, that’s one plot twist I did not see coming.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Yes, there’s no democracy in this office. It’s strictly a ‘sleep your way to the top’ regime, so if you’ll excuse me Leroy, I need to keep posing with my shirt unbuttoned and my buttocks thrust out, and hope the managers like what they see. As for you … well, enjoy fitting your weird lumpen bulk under our less-than-knee-high desks in the loser cubicle for the rest of your career.” –Schroduck

“It’s called Jesus. Here’s some literature.” –tihond

“‘Ah, but did you know addiction … can be treated.’ ‘It can? Then I shall take my leave of this pharmacy, and visit the shaving aisle. Perhaps a haircut and an employment agency on the way ho–’ [Mary leaps on-panel in a flying tackle] ‘YOU NEVER GOT ADVIIIICE’” –Dan

“They took a picture of Jeffy right before he balanced a ball on his nose, barked for fish, and then waddled back into the water. What I’m saying is Jeffy’s an affront to nature and humanity.” –Steve S

“I had no idea what was going on here when I first looked. My first guess was that this was Crankshaft: Origins in which a tween-aged Ed wakes up on a bus, started driving it, and never looked back.” –pugfuggly

“I’ve seen Pat Sajak spin a bankrupt, so I guess pluggers fall into an alcoholic stupor before 7:50pm. (Or 7:20pm. Check your local listings.)” –nescio

“Jeez, what is in the water that makes even school kids experience male pattern baldness (or, as they probably call it around there, ‘hair cancer’)?” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“How tired do you have to be to fall asleep on Crankshaft’s school bus? Tired of life, I mean.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“If someone had a ’10 week skip’ card, why didn’t you play it sooner?” –Kevin on Earth

“Wait, I thought Tuesdays were ‘disturbing intelligent animal horror’ day.” –Horace Broon

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